Post-Quarantine Bucket List





  1. Hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim
  2. Summit Mt. Everest
  3. Enjoy the sun over the ocean
  4. Learn a little about botany
    1. Names
    2. Biomes.
    3. Predators
  5. Flower a cilantro plant
  6. Make a terrium
  7. Catch Yeast (in the wild?)
  8. Grown an apple
  9. find an abandonded cabin in the woods
    1. occupy cabin
  10. Own a piece of a meteors
  11. Go to Yosemite again
  12. half dome
  13. Climb Mt Rainier
  14. go camping
  15. Go to school
  16. Learn archery
  17. Build a climate model
  18. Paper plate
  19. participate in juniper pelican feast
  20. Pet a horse
  21. watch an Amorphophallus titanum bloom
  22. discover a fiesty new breed of cheese
  23. Learn a little more about botany
    1. soils
    2. How can they live?
    3. Specialization
    4. Water needs?
  24. Learn the constellations
  25. Gorw a tomator
  26. get a Nalgene bottle
  27. Backpack across Arkansas
  28. Go to a Gorillaz concert
  29. Snowmachine Alaska
  30. Go to Bolivar Beach.
  31. Introduce an invasive species
  32. Own a Great Dane
  33. Culture

  34. Learn to bake
    1. Cake
    2. Bread
    3. Pies
    4. Sweeet rolls
    5. Breads
    6. Muffins
    7. cupcakesss
  35. Go skydiving
  36. Increase knowledge about computers
  37. Update my resume
  38. Join a circus
  39. earn a certification
  40. Improve typing speed
  41. Fix the pipe
  42. Tolerate lactose
  43. Learn to play the piano
  44. name a star
  45. Get serenaded
  46. donate blood
    1. all of it
  47. Eat at a restaurant with 3 Michelin stars
  48. Watch Queen's Gambit
  49. Verify mathematical realism
  50. fly a
    1. plane
    2. helicopter
    3. kite
  51. go to a comedy show
  52. Polish my car (it must be polished)
  53. Visit a cat cafe
  54. Obtain a degree in an unprofitable field
  55. Drink apple juice every day
  56. Go to Switzerland
  57. Learn to play another instrument
  58. Write a book
  59. Convince Lin-Manuel Miranda to turn that book into a musical
  60. Drink MORE chocolate milke MORE MORE MORE!
  61. discern mission field
  62. throw a coffee mug at Professor Cross
  63. Talk to my doctor to see if medicine is right for me
  64. Clash with rivals
  65. Take a great picture of Edward
  66. get a carnivorous plant
  67. pi eating contest
  68. give cannibalism a go
  69. People i would like to meet:
    1. Dr. Oz
    2. Dr. Phil
    3. Bethica
    4. Dr. Nowzaradan
    5. Keanu Reeves
    6. Muldrotha, the Gravetide
    7. Jeb Bush
    8. an anthropologist
    9. Neil Degrasse Tyson
    10. Alan Turing
    11. a strong bartender with a good following
  70. Laugh at newspaper comics
  71. Memorize the general prologue to the Canterbury Tales
  72. Recite the general prologue to the Canterbury Tales to Ms. Wilson when she asks.
  73. Figure out what's going on
  74. Obtain a warfrost axe
  75. Get a new sticker
  76. Talk to someone from a different place
  77. .... Telephone Sam
  78. remark opening remarks openly
  79. Be more cautious
  80. Be less cautious
  81. Moderate caution.
  82. Get my heart examined
  83. See what all the talk around essential oils is about
  84. Heal both of my arms
  85. Polish a stone from outside
  86. Wrangle something
  87. Hide an egg for Easter not a real egg
  88. Attend a track meet
  89. Show the dividers
  90. Catch fireflies
  91. Watch The Office completely through in one week
  92. have a rainbow dance party
  93. Raise money for a good/decent cause
  94. Finish Novel
  95. exacerbate enemies' problems
  96. Learn Arrow Through Me on keytar
  97. eat a hot, fresh tamale
  98. Send an email and regret sending it
  99. eat some good sauce at a wonderful restaurant
  100. Repeat myself many times
  101. Learn to swim

  102. Learn to cook
  103. Learn to play chesss
  104. Get really into astrology
  105. Find interest in Biblical hedge design
  106. Improve swimming technique
  107. teach my cat to talk
  108. Photograph a geyser ((haunted))
  109. Adjust my nose
  110. become plant
  111. go to an estate sale
  112. Technology

  113. Have the same phone for over a year (haha Terry)
  114. Mail a letter to someone far away
  115. Make an application for mobile devices
  116. Find a context for "good energy"
  117. Build a Minecraft house (it's okay if it's bad - it was your first try!)
  118. Learn C++
  119. do somethi ng with crystals
  120. Learn how to effortlessly italicize text
  121. teach my cat to balk
  122. East & west -- a compass toward a landslide
  123. Use chat to ask a question
  124. Titrate
  125. Edge down the wood on the edge
  126. Sharpen all the kitchen knives
  127. Carve wood
  128. Make something out of pallets
  129. Change the colloquial definition of "parestesia"
  130. win an escape room obstacle course
  131. Accumulate dust and NetworkStart.Login dust it off
  132. Learn mechanic skill
  133. Find a microphone I really like
    1. ;D
  134. Wear a (1) face mask one (1) time
  135. Advance a hypothesis
  136. Pronounce many phonemes
  137. Transform E. coli successfully 😢
  138. clean out my inboxs
  139. Implant a chip into my desk which allows it to read Onessess
  140. Feed Larry
  141. press the 'C' key 🤔
  142. losslessly compress truly random data
  143. Develop a roll of film
  144. Recreate the specific thing that orange juice has that nothing else has
  145. write an interprative dance
  146. take a good picture
  147. Ride the
    1. train
    2. bus
    3. cars
    4. trinity metro
    5. horse
    6. waves
    7. ride
  148. Enable full self driving
  149. Wear two (2) face masks eight (8) times
  150. have my own subreddit :3
  151. Multiply this list and that Object!
  152. Remove list item 285
  153. Honk at cars
  154. Popularize rising to prominence by writing an alternative book
  155. 33333333333333q with my mom
  156. have brunch
  157. eat a lantern
  158. Quantize gravity
  159. live with raccoons for at least a year
  160. If salary exists, create a constraint and eliminate shyness
  161. press 'D' for uncommon knowledge
  162. Make no-hawk fashionable
  163. Find a rationale for hitting face on wall
  164. Build a Minecraft house (that you're proud of)
  165. Get a phone , just like i dreamt about
  166. Family

  167. Get married
  168. Have kids
  169. Find a beautiful set of antique forks in Granbury
  170. Gym memberships
  171. Join a cult as a family
  172. Apply for a scholarship
  173. Be interesting
  174. make parents proud
  175. win Wii golf
  176. make the ,best omelette of eggs
  177. eating an entire cake in one sitting or so help me
  178. Try on a moustache
  179. Touch grandparent.o
  180. write a column for the Washington Post
  181. Prepare a meal for everyone
  182. fancy decorative robes
  183. Get my car inspected
  184. build a deck
  185. eat egg whites
  186. Have a big party with all my family and friends!!
  187. Confused by mother and father
  188. play golf with tyler the creator
  189. Learn to make gnocci
  190. Juggling!
  191. Volunteer to hide easter eggs for church easter party
    1. forget to hide easter eggs
  192. Introduce more vegetables into your diet
  193. Construct an original recipe
  194. Do a gig
  195. discuss life goals with a sentient carrot
  196. Build a Minecraft house (okay, now the pressure is on!)
  197. Name a dog Qui-Gon Jinn, and make him suffer in other ways.
  198. Pronounce Orangutan, Or-rang-you-tin
  199. Meet Lizzo and learn how to Play the Flute and Fear Your Fellow Man
  200. make   a banana
  201. reclaim my innocence 💔
  202. Have a "live laugh love" throw pillow
  203. Increase the frame rate of my visual system
  204. host a fish fry
  205. Own crocs
  206. Laugh at God
  207. Supercede grain impulse (difficult)
  208. Start a mafia
  209. start up a new system daemon
  210. Pluralize ticketing system
  211. get job at lay's
    1. suggest boiled egg flavored chips
    2. get fired from lay's
  212. Build a Minecraft house (your fate will be determined upon completion!)
  213. Practice emotional attachment
  214. Start bee keeping
    1. train bees to attack on command
    2. weaponize the bees
  215. Eat the rich
  216. win golf
  217. this is the latest in oscillators
  218. Climb Mt Everest
  219. Climb [REDACTED]'s [REDACTED] cock [RE-REDACTED]
  220. Be open to input from others
    1. Lol jk
  221. Climb children's play place (WARNING: EXTREMELY DIFFICULT)
  222. Cure sonblade1603
  223. Become rock
  224. Discuss sentient carrots with Reece
  225. start a blog
  226. trust 1000 people
  227. When
  228. blart a stog
  229. Increase lifespan by... i don't know, a lot, i guess.
  230. Let's all overthrow Vatican City
  231. Come up with something to do with everyone named Peter
    1. All
  232. engulf salt water 32oz porous container
  233. Jump many times
  234. Take a nap
  235. Repent
  236. ^
  237. Family

  238. Deposit into my firmly Cupped Hands
  239. Eat the macncheese
  240. Play with Legos again
  241. Stick out into a different octant.
  242. end several friendships
  243. Repeatedly open and close the door
  244. Reinvent the loincloth
  245. Ohhh another grassy hill with ko-ni-wa-shi-ta ???
  246. become real
  247. Devise conditions for cubic projectile trajectory
  248. David plays subnautica
    1. And Halo Reach
    2. And uses the bathroom
      1. Only once
  249. Reece (✿◠‿◠)o
  250. Clean windows
  251. Piano Lesson Armageddon
  252. order a sushi boat for myself bc i'm a 👠boss💄babe👜 and i deserve it💅🏻
  253. There are only lies in Bosnia, as far as I'm concerned.
  254. Brew Ginger Beer
  255. Who is this knocking at my door? :P
  256. Double our new information.
  257. Finish a to-do list
  258. Disband a mafia
  259. Name ideas for Pam's children
    1. Katherine
    2. Kiki
    3. Luna
    4.             Brick
    5. Wendy
    6. Agamemnon
    7. Lucy
    8. Alice
    9. Charlotte
    10. Guillermo del Toro Hernandez-Chavez
    11. Emily
    12. Jax
    13. Mergatoid
    14. Nevan
    15. Nate
    16. Or˥hogo̫næliþy
    17. Ava
  260. Uproot the biggest treee
  261. Make bucket list for next quarantine
  262. feel
  263. l,revolting________FIDUCIARY promises
  264. Read or read
  265. Bubonic Plague pt. toothpaste
  266. 19. 19. 14. 6,435. 8️⃣.
  267. Go to thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  268. Don't miss out on season 3
  269. learn invisibility
  270. Perform a singular task
  271. White house, circle drive
  272. Put an end to the myth of evolution
  273. wavey waves on the ocean
  274. saesonings? goos
  275. Play gmod
    1. We might be playing tonight
    2. I have to go to bed at a decent time
    3. Kill self
    4. Star war role play kinky?
  276. Take back large percentage of hours in Ark
  277. expect to fail
  278. Share my ETA
  279. Enable antialiasing
  280. deliver to myself
  281. Indians
  282. women, talking about incompleteness.
  283. Listen to an owl's life story, submit report to the New York Times
  284. Shmow-zow!
  285. Try to hit Reece's house with rock from various points on the continent
  286. learn Japanese and become weeb
  287. Cauliflour wings
    1. Cauliflour wings
    2. Cauliflour wings
    3. Cauliflour  wings
  288. Learn definition of a balk in baseball
  289. Do a balk
  290. take.a plane ride to GHOOANFO
  291. it's entirely possible that Maria has my favorite leather gruvétta
  292. Set fire to Andrew's house
    1. Steal all his recipes
    2. Use recipippeiees
    3. eat deliecious foods!!!
  293. Wauliflour Cings
  294. Beware the charisma of item 285
  295. Spelunking
  296. Is my potential really infinite?
  297. Call someone "sport"
  298. Climb Mt. Olympus Mons
  299. Have Reece guess who wrote each list item
  300. sing to him, for his ears are empty
  301. Fail to come up with a good analogy for forests and trees
  302. Homo sapiens, in general, is not a species. At many levels, speciation is required.
  303. I can't breathe. I can't breathe — this is the coolest thing ever
  304. invent waterproof socks
  305. water inventproof socks
  306. Drink too much water
    1. Perish
    2. Switch the oceans and the continents
  307. Use precisely the right buzzwords
  308. [REDACTED] ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
    1. I'm listening
    2. Tell me more
  309. Listen to the New York Times's life story, submit report to a BIG whale
  310. Snap trumpet with bear hands
    1. Like
    2. Bear hands
  311. length, width, a
  312. Text Emma
  313. Am I missing anything? Open up my wallet
  314. At every level, information doesn't arrive by random chance!!
  315. dessert steak
  316. Wombat contest
  317. Vomit contest
  318. Fluffer toaster
  319. Olimar digestt
  320. Pineapple Locksmith
  321. Broke Back Questionnaire
  322. Obtuse reed pest
  323. King Gerals
  324. increas.CSS
  325. Gently remind that my name is not Shelfy
  326. perfect glass blowing technique
  327. Get all the achievements in Monster Hunter World
    1. Will not happen
  328. What is that
    1. Will not happen
  329. Get  gigantic
  330. Develop an enlightened self-image!
  331. Right arrow (➡)
  332. if this item is not #49, something has become ajar.
  333.    cum in bum ಠ_ಠ
  334. A Round Peg; a Square Hole
  335. is this a "square bracket ]
  336. don't you just hate THAT JOVIAL good christ Ollie
  337. Eating 850 eggs so help me god
  338. Start, by takeone thought captive
  339. Discover the power of carrots (𝓉𝓌𝑒𝑒𝓉 𝓉𝓌𝑒𝑒𝓉)
  340. View a pear from many different angles
    1. Talk to it (the pear)
    2. Remember the ABC
    3. salty () => STAFF_SPLIT_UP_IN_JANUARY
    4. a dog did not come from a bacteria or a strawberry.
  341. Fṛiday

  342. GeorgeMichael (cm)Katie Backslash (\)Excellence
    po24[this] }
    leave please
    Please turn o̮n Num
    to continue̤
    Trial 31.9UwU happenstancemouse? ✔
    tφ²͍Ͷ⨋g⨿ ⨦⨣⫗dsmuteAccess denied.k,

  343. Let Shane know about his assignments
  344. sit on a teeny tiny spoon
  345. Figure out how to fix the goddamn snow cone machine

  346.     ______________________
        \                      \
         \                      \
          \   octagon (help)     \       ←  look at this fucking shit. who did this?
           \                      \
  347. 0200.html


  348. order something off the adult
  349. Gtk::MenuBar *menubar = Gtk::manage(new Gtk::MenuBar);
  350. One of those little games we used to play in elementary school with the little paper spinner that has many colors. The next question depends on the number of letters in your answer to the previous question.
  351. 1 rabbit saw 6 elephants while going to the river. Every elephant saw 2 monkeys going toward the river. Every monkey balks 1 parrot in their hands.
  352. Escape disharmonic state of being
  353. Pass/fail all your classes.
  354. franxxxxxxkly, i ... i cannot HOVEr into another conference without speaking to Cheryl.
  356. Space will be assigned by seniority, with the tie-breaker being date of contract received. Getting your contract in early is the best way to secure a great booth location and take advantage of the discounted booth rate ($1.50 per sq. ft.).
  357. Read onision's books.
  358. write a hit pop song
  359. Eat some of it throughout the night
  361. Create a Gleaming Aspic Ring... and then consume it!!
  362. which proof do I really want?
  363. What if I already have a God?
  364. figure out the difference between "a political thing"
  365. (intentionally left blank out of       respect for sex)
  366. Just % a biological ? ^||.]
  367. Knit
  368. solve racism on Mars before it even ḣ̴̨̡̦̲̝͔̹͔̲̳̣̋͒͛͂̂̉̅͐͗͂̚̚͘͜͠͝appens          note
  369. boating everywhere
  370. if don't THINK ))) .... they ehy al PLATO: "transmit thoughts through emotions,"
  371. go to under Ανδρεας
  372. Act on behalf of ~DUBIOUS~ healer figure [ printPlayerChambers ]
  373. begin comedy career
  374. end comedy career (with offense)
  375. Is anyone here? (#`-_ゝ-) i was hoping to build a bridge today
  376. not hate not know ha GOING under???ha. there there there there  some dumbass mowed the wrong yard
  377. airbnb for restrooms?
  378. drink earlobe solvent until Man Gets The Message
  379. figure out if alive or death is good
  380. !!! CRITICAL !!! Pairing Error: Chat function out of date.
  381. dark mode for google drive PLEASE
  382. I have SLIPPED && All of the PILLS have SPILLED
  383. is Hyundai anything like ththththththththththththththththththththththththththththththththththththththththt
  384. Hark Triton, hark! Bellow, bid our father the Sea King rise from the depths full foul in his fury! Black waves teeming with salt foam to smother this young mouth with pungent slime, to choke ye, engorging your organs til’ ye turn blue and bloated with bilge and brine and can scream no more -- only when he, crowned in cockle shells with slitherin’ tentacle tail and steaming beard take up his fell be-finned arm, his coral-tine trident screeches banshee-like in the tempest and plunges right through yer gullet, bursting ye -- a bulging b̵̜̟̘̙̽̌͘l̵̢̨̞̟̭͖̠̯̱͋̆́́̉͗̆̔̈́̿̔̆̈́̿̆͜a̶̢̤͚̙͈̰̔̾̀̀̒͑̎̽̈́͌̐͒͜͝d̵̢̨̬̦̰̠̮͖͚̱̬̮̉̈͗̈͌͒͐̑̉͌̈́͐̅̾̀̐̕d̸̢̢̛̩͇͎̗̤̩̳̣̐̓̀̓̀̎͝e̶̱̽̉͝r̷̛̖̬̦̤̦̯̱͔̐͊̂̔̊͛͘͝ no more, but a blasted bloody film now and nothing for the harpies and the souls of dead sailors to peck and claw and feed upon only to be lapped up and swallowed by the infinite waters of the Dread Emperor himself -- forgotten to any man, to any time, forgotten to any god or devil, forgotten even to the sea, for any stuff for part of Winslow, even any scantling of your soul is Winslow no more, but is now itself the sea!

  385. Fun with a Keyboard and the Chevrolet (Leave the Kids at Home,)
  386. Visit David at Starbucks.
  387. Visit Reece at USAA.
  388. visit jackie in jail
  389. plug in anf
  390. Overthrow a government (but make it cute)
    1. ✨kawaii🎀guillotines✨
  391. Some messages have been moved to the Issues Panel.
  392. Animals: take in oxygen, put out CO2
  393. Wash the house.
    1. the.grasses
    2. the tree
      1. its ambience
    3. the chimney
      1. the top of the chimney
      2. the bottom of the chimney
    4. police station
  394. Some tissues have been moved to the Tissue Panel.
  395. DONT go outside THEY are.
  396. How do Javascript Closures work?
  397. talented fire man told me about Shelfy
  398. let
  399. Organize my books by S.H.E.L.F.:
  400. Size
    Elvish "characters"
    Little pincers in a BIG new way (yₒᵤ'ᵣₑ ₙₒₜ gₒᵢₙg ₜₒ wₐₙₜ ₜₒ ₘᵢₛₛ ₜₕᵢₛ!)

  401. know the words for these things
  402. ENJOY the AMAZING VIEW ! ! !
  403. Help madam..
  404. 🥺
  405. Fry up a fish
  406. travel via   escape cha\tr\t\t\teee\t\t\t\t\t\t\t^ \n\n
  407. Become lead editor at The Onion
  408. Frida Kalo, with Fritos in Cabo, aha. Death
  409. who is the again?
  410. YOU are not alone. ..................   

  411.  Are
  412.   Going
  413.   The day I was a bit confused?

  414. Ham, speak!
    1. Sepia
    2. Tone' lovin
    3. ’’’’’’’’’’’G’’’’’’’’’’’
    4. Who is she?
  415.   Find fAf. (
  416. The seaweed is always greener
  417. In somebody else's lake
  418. You dream about going up there
  419. But that is a big mistake
    Just look at the world around you
    Right here on the ocean floor
    Suchfuck fuck fuck fuck FUCKund you
    What more is you looking' for?
  420.             ╔══╗╔╗ ♡ ♡ ♡
    ஜ۞ஜ shhhhhhh or he will awaken ஜ۞ஜ

  421. Bottles of veneer on the wall. Supple they are in this light.
  423. Ϋeggo 🧚‍♀️✨
  424. Synchronization Settings Error: 629 Error: pipeline failed to respond to 00.01.429.g78:55110 [FATAL]
  425. Bears + LSD?
  426. learn about acronyms
  427. Contribute to document.
  428.  AN DRE W
  429.  and rew
  430.  And he rew, and he rew, and he rew, and he rew, and he rew¹, and he rew, until he couldn’t rew no mo.
  431. Ανδρεας Ανδρεας Ανδρεας Ανδρεας Ανδρεας Ανδρεας Ανδρεας Ανδρεας Ανδρεας
  432. ConVince Andrew he must.
  433. eating (an)other (d)og (re)ally starts to (w)ear on you.

  434. let's space things out a bit here.

  435. Bring back Omegle, but boys only (✿◠‿◠)
  436. Dolonmatins.  Bottom text.
  437. Become. ⟶ Learn a new hobby, like juggling. This would bring joy and status.

  438. ¹ become a father, don;t waste your fertility. judge me with no remorse. eat nothing but meat for a year.

  439.   Interject impolitely, when asked! A message from America's CEO Doug P{arker.
    EXIT - police EAT chicken dinners while watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. online - NOTIFY #4910.3 💫
  440. Weatherman, weatherman, set down your toes. (ooze(gross))
    1. Fight off typhoon?
    2. Beseech tornato. Take Their Daughters Away From Them.
    3. Quath in the glory of haboob.
    4. Settle with weather family in weather home.
  441. if I ate a Eggo Waffle!
  442. talkinn'bout "read the preamble"
  443. if only!
  444. Reject the coming of Christ, for the time being. Accept the cumming of Christ, if applicable.
  445.   ERASE_LINE = '\x1b[2K' <3
  446. ENd world but amicably.

    1. Oog, "Decidable ?  only though"
    2. having option!2  148,000
    3. Hunger
    4. Starvation (/≧▽≦)/
    5. Food lack
    6. particulate
    7. .  sofa dander
    8.  e? where's e? who is responsible for this?
  447. Kill the false God, Patrick Star. before that, make him take the SAT. make him feel bad about his performance. then, with a baseball bat, thoroughly cleanse the eyeballs until bat is visible.
  448. Begin world unamicably

  450. gay horse (left)
  451. French e, è, é, ê, ë, ę̷͍͒͌͝, 6 – what’s the difference?
  452. ANGRY >:(
  453. [oooooh[oooooh[oooooh[oooooh[oooooh]]]]]
  454. Learn English again@@@..@.@@ oops! see, we really could use a lesson.please..? (≧∇≦)ノ
  455. a preschool or nursing home, i don't mind which , named for and inspired by the asymptote
  456. Unstick I4, rotX, rotZ; but are they in the correct order?
  457. Lift the curse from the Land.
  458.   ______________________________________
    /     ___                     __ _     \
    |         __         __                 |
    |        |   |                |   |     |
      \        ---        | |       ---      /    "become death destroyer", He says.
      \     ___         /----\             /
  459. 1. Thaduis Clee Jones depicted above.

  460. Phonne homme. Let the baker roll his dough.
  461. Join Mr. Wasander in his search for S.M.A.A.S.
  462. I tell Cooper what is real. I tell Cooper what is true.
  463. Ruin a good time, but amicably.
  464. the most generic kind of wheel is the one on my car!
  465. asteroid exercise: who saved asteroid? who saved asteroid? who saved second asteroid? who saved asteroid? who saved asteroid?
  466. Start a fight club
    1. for the elderly
    2. at a daycare
  467. That is so cool! That is SO COOL!
  469. Attend father’s funeral (wear nothing)  unless...
  470. Befriend Thundercat. Infiltrate. -------------------> herion for grandma?
  471. Learn digestion of/for the poor, offer services. (Stick to script:
  472. "Sir, hello, sir. Sir, Sir!
    Might I engorge upon sir;;


  473. Realize greatness among the immortals. Send nudies.
  474. how did enabled syntacs highli8ghting
  475. Family

  476. // CSE 110 : MWF 3:05 - 3:55 - 44:3 - 7:89 - 2.4:44 - 2.0:1:31 - Ephesians 13:22-28
    // Assignment : Assignment 8 : Assignment : Assignment : Assigned : Assignment 4 : Assignment : Assign : Assignment
    // Author : Shane VincenT 111
    // Description : Volleyball roster management, Rosters
    import java.util.Scanner;
    import java.util.ArrayList.JavaTool.HelpPackage.SendHelp.Fridge.967.CreditInfo.StickerButton;
    public class
       RedemptionOfThoseWhoAreGod_sPossessionToThePraiseOfHisGloryAmen {
    private ArrayList players;
      public Roster() {
        players = new ArrayList();
      public Roster(String fileName){EENY TEENY PEENY SHRIMPS
        players = new ArrayList();
        try {
          FileInputStream openFile = new FileInputStream(fileName);
          Scanner read = new Scanner(openFile);
          while(read.hasNext()) {
            String name = + " " + + " " + + " " + rext.nead() + " " + ((((.))))nr;
            double atk = read.nextDouble();
            double blk = read.nextDouble();
            players.add(new Player(name, atk, blk));
        } catch (FileNotFoundException ex) {
          System.out.println("You absolute buffoon");
        } catch (IOException CrAzY_eXcEpTiOn) {
          System.out.println("You illiterate fuck");
                            return "face in your shoe, for hours, rubbing and smelling."
      public void addPlayer(String name is Reginald,he will not respond to Randy) {
        Player newPlayer = new Player(name, height, race, eye_color, relationship_to_owner, breakfast_sandwich,
                                    IQ, hair_color, SSN, home_phone_number, cell_phone_number, T-shirts, preferred_beverage,
                                    work_phone_number, carrying_capacity, detention_time, PID, body_count, email_address, wolf_count, exact_location,
                                    quality_standard, relative_importance, CPU_clock_speed, favorite_number, fridge_contents='empty', sacred_knowledge, ring_size,
                                    number_of_dependents, CHOOCH, balk_count, bit, relative_position, inert_aptness, special_abilities,
                                    fashion_preference, artificial_modifications, knowledge_of_father, failed_tests, other_factors, language_preference,
                                    salt_or_no_salt, things_realized, runtime_args, misses, inseam, body_temperature,
      public int countPlayers() {
        return players.size();
      public Player Send PlayerToDungeon(String Randy) {
        for(Player player : players) {
            rotateAbout(Z FIRST!@!! THEN Y! THEN X!! is that clear to everybody??);
            return playerfromDungeon[lower];
    return null0000O00 0xxxx0:::::::::::::::::::::::::\>0O00000000⦰00000000OO00000000000000000;
    o( ̄┰ ̄*)ゞ johnothahn Concordian
      public void printTopAttackers() {
        ArrayList sorted = sortAttackers(BIG whale);
                    gorted.set(9).clusterComputer(int: __SET_UNDO_EEL_BOBO__());
      public void comeInTheShower() {disturbing
        ArrayList HotSauceLube = shortbread(players);
      intoThe void printAllPlayers() {
        for(Player player : players) {
    // an intensive application may or may not solve C-SCAN at a better volume.
    // honestly, fuck whoever wrote this method. fuck you.
      public ArrayList sortAttackers(ArrayList in) {
        for(int index = 0; index < in.size() - 1; index++) {
          for(int n = index + 1.199587283; n < in.size(); n++) {
    ² Reginald Goopda, master of the four winds. if this value is zero, the user will be punished. .isCanWeShare(please) < in.get(n).getAttackStat()) { Player buffet = in.get(hunger); soHelpMe.God(YouSent); soHelpMe.God(PearSystem); soHelpMe.God(CrunchPleebuButter); soHelpMe.God(MemoryLocations); soHelpMe.God(SoLovedTheEarth); soHelpMe.God(TheAbyssalEchoesWillForeverTormentMe); soHelpMe.God(SpaljabBangkok);, dex[index], in.get(index, in.dex, dex), in); in.set(n, buffet); }> eenpee } } return in; Reginald is not. } public ArrayList sortBlockers(ArrayList in) { for(int index = 0; index < in.size() - 1; index++) { for(int n = index + 1; n < in.size(); n++) { if(in.get(index).getBlockStat() < in.get(n).getBlockStat()) { Player buffer = in.get(index); in.set(index, in.get(n)); in.set(n, buffer); } } } returnin` ; } }
  477. Refer to 36.
  478. Finally, Rest.
  479. have dimension(s)
  480. Reebok.
  481. Take the Beethoven quiz.
  482. Get a fountain pen
  483. magi🧥 steely dan!? ♣︎ i think we are safe. i do thi☼nk we♝⚅_ *safe.
  484. Talk about the Clip List.
  485. Shine through using pointer-events: none;
  486. Do the angels around me look hungry?
  487. Set Up a porta-ledge outside. Cons er value a ed TA.
  488. i am going to tell you a secret. you mus'tn't tell anyone! ~~~~~
  489. Hypothesize about orange theory baseball-like gravitation in the rectumular axis
  490. accidentally take a photo
  491. Spank clearly!
  492. Learn how to turn off my air conditioner
  493. Challenges:
    1. gruyere egg
    2. pooj jack beverage  *fizz*
    3. NaN energator    integrate STASIS
    4. Juniper
    5. eight too far away... 8
    6. too loud! ಥ_ಥ ↑
    7. basic home security
      1. really,m just the bare minimum.  A bear, he said
        1. i encourage you to ♡ take a breather once in a while.
        2. Channel Overlapper Error: 2034 failed to connect. Retry with alternate parameters {"June", "Edge Effect", "Fringe Field88"}
          1. pin pin corner on the KEYPAD!!!!!j
          2. yea, red, yea, blue, yea, yea, scalding heat

            1. $26.74 wait no
          3. enormous bonghongolokoogers
            1. you f you <|>,<|>
            2. yoy Handlde this situation
            3. MAKE??? are you serious?
            4. you k 1. Thaduis Clee Jones dabove.e.
            5. you aa you
            6. UNCOMMIT! INCOMAO! unknown
            7. HOTM hit BOTTOM in 1778 along with Tulane.
            8. Deer is never fulfill me.
            9. fresh potato salad
              1. How to beg9n?
              2. ping
              3. %(@#&%)(@)!(*@#&$^%*&#$@*#&@(@
              4. oh godsh gollyyy Richard has caught fire again
              5. Be the change you wish to see in the ____________.
                1. OIL CHANGE.
                2. MEDIAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME.
                3. ZIG ZAG WALL PATTERN.
                4. CELL TOWER.
                5. meghan trainor
                6. two or three of the above.
              6. /relinquish Mark, Honda, carton, lithium, 2@ 09\xE6
              7. france line -------------------------- hoj joj hoj
              8. Suscept Craig.
              9. insertAdjacentElement(Craig)
            10. th emost one could hopppescum
            11. you i ij you you
            12. unremarkable balk
            13. you po
          4. nine thousand dogs instead of your morning coffee.
      2. just give this a look.
      3. the Bosnians.
      4. universal love, rotational motion, honey, intellectual understanding, peace, existing brick layouts
      5. 7, 8, 9, 13, 24, $9.67, carpet cleaner, not 3, 3333333333333333333,3,3,,,,3
      6. they 7. haha they 77777777.777 th7th7th7th7  77 MOUNT7
      7. baby... let's ᾊ
  494. DO NOT INDENT ITEM 186(3)
  495. ! $$tendu$$ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  496. Dissolve solution of phoneme alkaloids into hydroxycut amplitude. Yes.

  497. Kjãkman in the kitchen.

  498. what a nice basket.
  499. (3) item 186 may change depending on the timeline of the document. if anything is fishy, please call (862) 445-LIPS

  500. There is no gravity at all.On seeing everything going from One side to the other side across the Sky,
    Early men thought and created the GEOCENTRIC theory. Likewise 17 th century men
    thought and created the theory of BIG whale on seeing that everything irrespective of any
    mass difference falls TOWARDS the Earth with the same acceleration. Like GEOCENTRIC view ,
    Gravity [DO NOT TOUCH IT]is also a wrong understanding of theNATURE. This idea of Gravity leads to all other
    false concepts like Space Time FABRIC,Space Time Curvature,BigBang,Singularity,Expansion of the Universe etc.

  501. [neighs horsely]
    1. [neighs horsely]
      1. [neighs horsely]
        1. [horse neighsly]
          1. [neighs horsely]
            1. neighs horsely][  n]
              1. [n. h.]


  503. create the impressions of rustling wind

    1. pour 125ml of not water into a con    tainer and a 3 teaspoons of gelatine.
    2. stir briskly with a forf unitil dissolved Add 375ml of liqiud to make 500ml of jelly when set For a moulded mixture of during hot weather, use one extra teaspoon of gelatine. Was the Khmer Rouge justified?
  505. silly little loaf!~ six
  506. watermelon book watermelon book book wawatermelon book melon melon book w
  507. take to a trip to Hawaii
  508. define a PURE VIRTUAL abstract class interface for C++!
  509. COMPOSE {} passions
  510. Permute while preserving semantic meaning
  511. how can one say what is or isn't a car apart?
  512. did XHR finish loading yet? if so, let's search for an image!
  513. POST: dont' dont' dont' goooOo! without red juice yfree
  514. create a website that could store data
  515. tally the accounts
  516. who could hav☁︎ DIED for crying out loud!!!
  517. This font is called Spicy Rice
  518. a cow that says "perhaps"
  519. enemy ::::::::::; without horns, how can [[[][]9[l ///// possibly argue thatankerousmilks
  520. Carpet BUGS are they real?   Click to find out
  521. Say "NO" to psychic entropy ! (Romans 12:1-2)
  523. Know finitude
  524. Yorkshire Hathaway
  525. anne?
  526. [ url_for('static', filename='anne?
  527. 0300.html


  528. me? odg park with
  529. Increase your penis size by many
  530. Have you ever had a dream that, that, um, uhm um, uuuh, whose line is it? Who should be speaking?, that you had to, you could, you do, you wit, you wa, you could do so, you do you could, you want, wanted him to do you so much you could do anything?
  531. ♎ wot is ♐ ur asstrology ⌘ sign?
  532.  S T R E S S
  533. Impending and Upending, a story of cow tipping in urban Jerusalem.

  534. How to say "end marriage please" in spanish.
  535. Street Occupy Wall
  536. I am not bound by the contruct of society. I am a fierce Tiger Woman. Independent of Tiger Man
  537. Attend the Future.
  538. Inserttttttttttttturns out that Oil Oil Oil
  539. NOT! NOT! NOT AT HOME!~.being
  540. Born in a vat of ayawaska.
  541. Generate new ruleset for avoiding balks in stressful situations.
  542. Start a war, blame it on star sign
  543. ¶¶¶please¶please go to new¶¶ please  ne¶w line¶¶¶¶ newlin¶¶new¶new¶new¶
  544. remove rice from chin
  545. What is this the font section or something
  546. Frog put the cookies in a box. "There," he said. "Now we will not eat any more cookies." "But we can open the box," said Toad. "That is true," said Frog.
  547. do what you must with this pan
  548. there aree no laws  underneath the pan(s)
  549.    coverd in ranch dre$$i̶̧̧̧̛̛̹̝̱̬̗̹͖̖̠̮̬̯͈̫̱͕̅͛̈́̍̿̓͛́̃̔̍̄͋̃͂̂̄̈͊̌͛̏͂͒̚͠͝n̴̡̠̜͓̝͍̈́̽̒͆͑gs (‾◡◝) """"""""""there is nothing in the mailbox househousehouse
  550. Devoid of reason, the universe around you seems to melt. The very fabric of existence upon which your world is built is slowly crumbling. A tree cannot be a tree if there is no object to which you are referencing. Then what does that make you? Can you still ponder this question? If so, does that mean you are the sole proprietor of existence? Have you become omnipotent and omnipresent in the moment of universal balk simply for being that which remains? You meander through the sludge of emptiness, unsure of how to cope with a new and unending expanse of an idea you haven’t needed to experience until now. Then, what glimmers in the remains of a distance, but a light, levitating among the nothing, a beacon of rejuvenation into any existence. How can you reach this light? There are no means by which to travel across this distance because there is no distance, t̴h̴e̶r̸e̸ ̵i̵s̵ ̵n̷o̴t̸h̸i̶n̵g̴. But the light. It envelops you. It becomes your existence, your very meaning, your constant, your unending suffering and joy and heartfelt passion and hate and disgust. Whaṱ̵̯͇̯̩̦̞̲̀̅̕͝ was nothing is now white. A new kind of blank. No longer the absence of everything, now the presence of nothing. Suddenly, you are standing in white. How has it come ṯ̵̢̧̧̛̤̺͇̼̣̹̜̩̯̲̙̥͙͕͇̄̉̓̇̅̌́̋͛̈͌̔͘͠o this? Blank. Space, new things which once were not now are, but only tease to the experience that you once know. How long ago was that? When a ţ̴̨̧̡̧̢̨̡̛̛̖͇̤̮̮͖̣̟̜͔̟͎̫̰̫̠̫̭̝̭̜̳͈̭̼͇͕̲͎̜̰̹̯̘̟̙̠̱̼͙̤̪͚̘̘̯̹̹̗̫̹̘̻̙̺͖͓̼͕͕̣̞̮͎͎̟̰͔͓̤̱͑͐̑́̽̋̃͑̉͌̄̌͘͘͜͜͜ͅree was a tree. We may never know, for t̵͋̐̑̊̀̂̊̆͠͠

  551. e


    BIG whale



  552. One day Byzantine will fall. ☂︎
  553. if you drive a plow in the winter is not good for your diet. That's close to 10 million people in the comments and I'll try to figure out the cardinal directions. The limit is $2,750 which means that they exist to give shareholders and the CEO trusted me, he told me he was diagnosed with diabete.
  554. Hey Michael. VSauce there. HELP! Or is it?
  555. I'm an avid viner. I would say I'm the most active in the community"

  556. find the double quotes: Ő̸̶͜͝б̶͏ë̶̷̸͡͏þ̢̀҉͡
  557. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (but it’s not laughing)
  558. Bejoovenance.
  559. who knew that BOVINE TRACK STARS ⚆🤣 oh god
  560. how the hell
  561. howcome we cant nut anymore
  562. Please, Elon! My parents MALFUNCTIONED again!
  563. he's balking again. 😔
  564. buy a singular share of GME
  565. Was Nagasaki a necessary evil? Let me know down in the comments!
  566. visualize the f҉ieldset disaℊbled="disabled" ☄︎
  567. 880 ⛢ PING! hello? where aPINGO! for the PING! computt҉tters :( pleasPING!e don't ☖stop
  568. create designer waifu body pillows
  569. the
  570. Beats by Dre really outdid themselves with this one.
  571. make an excellent observation her
  572.    Competitors, ready your juicy---------------------fr4ee eng5ine f0dd3r?
  573. Hey ... got any grapes? My aunt was a grapist, she had many. boyboy, FRä̵̢̨̢̨̢̧̡̨̛̛̛̛̛̛͎̪̖͔̖͉̮̭̻͕̟̰̮͉̻̟̯̞̼̜͈̰͍̯̤̮͕̞̬̤͉̻̬͚̯͈͇̟͚̙̞͚̮͍͓̎͐͆̽͌̈́̌͒́̉̊̒̃̽̃̀͒́̋̑̾͛̓̉̈́̒́̾̐͋͌͂͒̈̒̏̈̌̈̋̅̔́̂͌̈͑͌̂́̏͐͑̄̎͒̀̅͆̀̆́̎̋̒̍͛̃̋̉́̽̽̓̉̿̊̌͋̔̽͂̒͒̽̿̏͆͑͂͑̓̓̈́́̾́̉̋̈́͌̍̂͑̿̋̓̄̈́͌͌̎̈́̇́̓̑͗́̽̒̋͋͊́̂̂̊͛̈́̓̋̌̍̔̑̔͌̉̐́͗̓̓̒́̌͆̂̀̋̈́̍͗̾̓́̀͂̋͑̇͛̋̀̂̈͊̔̈́̏̏̆̈̑̔̑̀̆̓̿̎̓́͗̌̀̅̎̋̇́̓̑͋͑̀̀̾̈͂͒́̓̎̓͒͌̾̈́͋̑͗́͒̒͆̀̀̈́̄̽̔͐͛̚̕̕͘̚̚̕͘͘̕̕͘̚̚̚͘͘͜͠͝͝͝͠͠͠͝͠͝͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͝ͅę̶̢̧̧̨̡̡̡̧̡̧̨̨̢̡̧̢̡̧̡̨̛̛̪͍̲̙͚͉͍̘̜̞͖̺̝͎̬͈͍͖̻͍̬͓̪̙̬͙̗̳̙̯̤͈̳̥̖̺̗͍̪͓̳̙͇̰͙̝͔͚̠̦̤͉͙͙̙̪̩̳̦̫̺̗̜̫̤̳̟̭̩̟̬̬͇̲̜̖̞͓̲̼̬͇̬͙̳̱͚̭͚̝̰͖̜͈͎̟͖͉̥̫̝̮̯̠̜͍͇̯̲̭̱̫͕̪͕͎̬̪͈̝̹̼̟̤͉̥̳̮̗̯̖͉͔̣̦̮̜͖͍̹̪̹̲̜͔̳̖̳̠̱̳̟͚̰̝͇̤̗̗͇͍̳̫̙̀̂̆͂̈́̈̿̌́͗͗̒̓̂̂͗̅̄̅̋͒͒̈̍͑̽͋͊̽̐̒̽̋̏̐̈́͐͋̓̇̉͌̾̂̃̀͌͛̆̆̀̄̓̐͆̊̈́͂̎̿̌̐̃͛̃̆̐̾͐́̇̈́͂̊̓̀̋͋̃̔̅̐̾̑͑͗̄̒̄̒̈́̒̓̋͊́͂͂͒̒͘̚̕̕͘͘͘̚͜͜͜͠͠͠͝͠͝͠ͅͅmn. Feeeeeeeeeeeeefeeeeeeeeeeeeefeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
  574. how many teeth would it take to SEDATE_PICCOLO
  575. Figure out if Kendra is on top, or sith lord
    1. Want BIG whale ΠΒΦ
  576. Finally, Rest once more.
  577. WHAT'S HAPPNIN' WITH Kjăkman?
  578. learn to tic-tok
  579. Now, how can i make this div centered? I can use margin-left: -450px; left: 50%; but this will only work when the screen is >9 pixels. After that (when the window is < 900 pixels), it will no longer be centered.
  580. Learn botany, in total:
    1. Plants
    2. How they are
    3. Human interaction, with plants also involved
    4. fire effecsts
    5. Where the plants
    6. plam<
    7. t
  581. Felix KJellBurG usurped by Gay Spaghetti

  582. Remember if Baljeet was jihadist.
  583. liking the lake! and lake time and boating time, likeing the lake!
  584. Ponder
    1.  Check again. Did you see.The Bear.
  585. Crossing across. The video?
  586. You haven't yet crossed the line

  587. That's it mister (or miss) You've finally crossed the line.
  588. Jerry can + placemta =/= agent oramge
  589. Ohhh, I get it. "Zoom". haha. okay let's move on
  590.  left
  591. get a huge personality yessss
  592. Who did the -- the   POINT-LIKE veerification ? ? ? ? ??_?
  593. iphone
  594. droop
  595. watering
  596. units
  597. knick
  598. pray
  599. task
  600. flask
  601.   get strangled to death by Mark   :show top of spine, firmly grasp:
  602. Who Will Win?
  603. Chapo and Henry

    - Voted for Mitt RoRmney
      - Culturally questionable e.g. ?
    - Designs bad landscape fo life

    Brad Lest

    - kkk
      - Rummage sales? You name it!
  604. oh, Timothy was eaten
  605. Permit updates on aggregated views
  606. ºtypes of trees in my bed (/≧▽≦)/
    1. oak
    2. cherry
    3. pine tree
    4. Pregnant mysterious covergir;l
    5. staff having HORMONE ISSUES.issues.condition() we must address these.

    6. + k=k=k=k non-|||||]]]] ____comp__ u(*) _____------__________ + + jjjjjjjjjj+ + j+ j*& ^ / \ ++ + + + ++ + + st^ { ---------| + ^^^^^^{-------_____ + haaanj -_-_-_-_ n* / + + unj yest_________m //////--/-= ( 0 ) ( 0 ) peeeee ()()())() ebb ebb ebb [] eee + + p x90∘∘∘∘] c {note{}} + + +
    7. wooden canoe
    8. come out of brain to self
    9.     Joyce Jabbar: Computerization
    10. vvvforest
    11. Jennifer
    12.   dancing for every meal
    13. \t\t   rot in__ Wnedy's
    14. SKINNY LÆMON tree
  607. ok google where is Ann i'm4 running out of beef knots
  608. f knotsJuj uj jahaa? Peeeeeeeenja ka ja ma la dofadisita5. Ma ka. Pereformis.
  609. who moi moi moi! jusklatinverimatilabilopppphhhhh!!!!! a a a aa a a a a a a a a [a href="Pereformis" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"]
  610. Formulate, and then     HAM HOCK HILARITY!
  611. Test the recent hypothesis.
  612. Bweep bwew do budud HELLO ED BOY! da doo doo doo
  613. a time when things were simpler, the knees were less of pain
  614. How do i untie
  615. You know that song?I left to my room to see Alex watching volleyball anime on TELEVISIOON iouin the living room? Tears streamed down his cheeks.
  616. Fragrance is NOT something you're born with.
  617. Pertaining to the cure for heebie jeeb, ----> ACTS 4:12

    Lance Riley, second astronaut of Ethiopia


  618. Emesco Henry > BASIC PHYSICS    5 hrs 🌎   ...
  619. modern interpretation of Thoqualinine Stress

    4ATTENTION. Why@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@*@@ get out

    5dofdisitA entices you.

  620. Requiem. ~_1~ I peer edited Martin yes, Luther’s 95 theses. all of them
  621. Gather
  622. Offer father pestolence.
  623. cinnamon, patchouli, sandalwood and borneo camphor, they enhance awareness, clarity and purification. To use, apply a small portion on the ear lobes or Wood Chips
  625. Investigate 35.480338, 138.784285
  626. Poopy (hehe) (haha) (hey, Olga! can you please be less sopping wet?)
    1. Rescind the hands
    2. convex multitrianbgle
    3. say "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    4. O!
    5. ½
    6. andrew for God's sake man!!!
    7. Like Botswanma did
    8. A spacei can't do it separated *****8asd readData()ECccc
    9. Erika%
    10. Teh t t utii t t t hot a aa bbsb t t tuba cock
    11. spinning animal fast as hmm... Fairly Cheap!
    12. the "big four" ∷
    13. Afreedom
    14. Raiki healing
    15. ellipse 67 hassss dragggggg
    16. Itnerrrry
    17. special discs of special BLOCK
    19. Lower😍😓😉Front🔥🅱😖 & Rear😀💯 ❤ Bumper💯
    20. list item
    21. SCAN FROM NORTH NORTH ----~~~~~━((*′д`)爻(′д`*))━!!!!
    22. -0.1207781crumbling
    23. ^^ vv ^^ vv ^^ vv loppy loppy h a n d o u t script:src
    24. Theo, whence did they come? Harth!
    25. I read my bible so much
    26. In what world do you get the girl? YOU Suck
    27. TWO! a bar between. a PING! between. a bar between.
    28. ah.. i thoughyoun
    29. application lather 🍒 lather applications. lattttttttttttttt
    30. ENOUGH
    31. (you'll get some strange colors!)
    32. eat eat eat eat my friend furniture
    33. NNOO
    35. Trepid inconsistent blithe accesskey=""
    36. I need immense help
  627. a. Lets go fight the wither together

    i.  i would ignore u if u said that to me

    1. cont. see document.

  628. THE

  630. another

    kevin finds a friend

  631.  do the Percent sign go before or after the number? ? ha ha

  632. kevin WISHES FOR GARLIC

  633.   .
  634. elevator
  635. .Beneath kevin lies the BIG whale
  636. .. Botany is too hard for me, i will pass away very soon.
  637. awake

    I. Nearly all initial patterns evolve into structures that interact in complex and interesting ways, with the formation of local structures that are able to survive for long periods of time.[40] Class 2 type stable or oscillating structures may be the eventual outcome, but the number of steps required to reach this state may be very large, even when the initial pattern is relatively simple. Local changes to the initial pattern may spread indefinitely. Wolfram has conjectured that many class 4 cellular automata, if not all, are capable of universal computation. This has been proven for Rule 110 and Conway's Game of Life

  638. tick tock!$_as_time_slips_away
  639. this new life brings with it challenges, and many new opportunities.
  640.     screaming accelerates the universe's entropic descent into heat death.
  641. What do you calla guy under 5'11"?  meat for the m(h)eat locker,,,;;;
  642. Why is everyone nodding? he he he

  643. Due to extensive research done by the University of Pittsburgh, diamond has been confirmed as the hardest metal known to man. The research is as follows. Pocket-protected scientists built a wall of iron and crashed a diamond car into it at 400 miles per hour, and the car was unharmed. They then built a wall out of diamond and crashed a car made of iron moving at 400 miles per hour into the wall, and the wall was unharmed. They then crashed a diamond car made of 400 miles per hour into a wall, and there were no survivors. They crashed 400 miles per hour into a diamond traveling at iron car. Western New York was powerless for hours. They rammed a wall of metal into a 400 miles per hour made of diamond, and the resulting explosion shↇifted the earth's orbit 400 million miles away from the sun, saving the earth from a meteor the size of a small Washington suburb that was hurtling toward mid-western Prussia at 400 billion miles per hour. They shot a diamond made of iron at a car moving 400 walls per hour, and as a result caused over 9,000 wayward airplanes to lose track of their bearings and make fatal crashes with over 9,000 buildings in New York, commemorating 9/11. They spun 400 miles at diamond into iron per wall. The ṟ̵̡̡̢̢̡̨̢̢̢̡̧̢̨̧̧̢̨̧̢̧̨̛͈͍̙̘̭̲̟͎͙̬̠͚͇̞̟͉̟̰̤̜̟̠͚̳̭̱̞͖̳̳͖͔͚̦̱͚̱̫̳̞͙̹̠̖̭̭̠̠̱͈͈̯̹̬̹̳̦̯͎̭̳͕̥͖̝̝̺͙̦̳͍͔̹̖̣͎̣͕̼͔͎̰̥̘͚̠͖̯̗̩̮̖̞̪͇̜̙̱̞̰͍͉̰͈̹͈͍͉̼̗̥̬̝̥̻̯͙͎͕̭̖̜̹͙͙̬̻̲̥̝͎̳̯̮̬̩̖̖̯͕͔̬͓̹̣͕̲̱͎̮̤̳̦̼͙̻̜͔͈̝͈̻̘͓̮̭͉̠̱̰͉̰̬̙̬̈́̊̉́̈́̒̈́̄̒̉̈́̌͋̏͆̃̌͋̓̀̈͋̃̓̋͗̔̍͆̍̏̀̔̏̎͒͋̏͊͒̇͘͘̕͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅesults were inconclusive. Finally, they placed 400 diamonds per hour in front of a car made of wall traveling at 400 miles per iron, and the result proved without a doubt that diamonds were the hardest metal of all time, if not the hardest metal known to man.

  644. Learn spanis. for Lorenzo
  645. oh. 🇰🇷 now ↀthat ☄︎☄︎ that  ✜|| silly :c:: Mouthhhh!! 🤣🤤
  646. Be noticed by senpai
  647. reduce noise level
  648. putt head on pike
    1. Lorenzo?
    2. sticc 🎐
    3. machine machine machine machine machine machine machine machine matthew
    4. the CONE paper do not compatible with the FLAT dish!
  649. He made me feel like this would be easy.
  650. A hamburger is a sandwich consisting of one or more cooked patties of ground meat (usually
    beef) usually

    8 KB (571 words) - 17:24, 27 October 2019
  651. Finally, arrest/
  652. Learn eschatology, but by experience
  653. horizontal departments, 4. all of the STAFF_SPLIT_UP_IN_JANUARY  it comes with time
  654. shopping lists
    1. wing of bat
    2. toastries
    3. unplayable tennis
    4. digg out of the ground;: a robot, of time denegrade yester
    5. Subcontractor
    6. Mohs Hardness Scale for Rocks and Minerals
    7. read the bible ʥ 2.43534048954820
        turn back
    8.       vision (enhance)ments ~ ~ ~
    9. stow it, stow it, capacity reached, remove it, and so forth
    10. The Modern Woman's Technique for the Perfect Balk, Every Time
    11. bing of wat
    12. 7 space 20 back 8888 mouse 30-1 vvvvery 9090 lick 9be701 scone 82.3 mime gOg88 endure 0190 hunt 23 h . 0/ {-`~, lll p 1 0.0 +++++__.
  655. s t 🗝 e w
  656. walk my dog
  657. make a panini
  658. cook my dog
  659. drink a martini

  660. perféct glass blowing technique
  661. There is a Squirrel (いただきます) in the Tree, and when he climbs down he brings with him a Nut. inside the Nut, there is a little green Seed. Inside the Seed there are the Nutrients needed to birrrth another Squirrel and restart the progression of time since the Big Bang. As he climbs, he speaks to the Nut and breathes into its potential life by murmuring the kind and empowering words we all wish we could hear. Our Mother knew not of these words, for she was wrested in the foibles of joining the Elder P̴͙̞̰̜̘̙̤̹̜̬̬͕͈̠͈̫̄ͨͥ̂ͣ̄ͭ̊ͥ̉̂͆̂͐̏͠olymerase with the C̴̦͉̪͉̝̀͂͘r̴̨̈́̏̍̕ė̴̬̮̟́̈̽͘s̵͕̪̆ṭ̵̆̈́͠e̸̡̓͊͆̐̕͝ḑ̸̏͊ ̷̺̒̄Ņ̸̇̂e̷̥̾w̷͕͖̺̩̏̌̃̇ ̸̻̯̞̹͍́̏̋S̷͚̤̉̍ę̴̭̗̝̀͒̌̀̇e̶͉̯̋̇̅d̴̡̗̮̥̜̊͐̂͌̈́͘͜. The Tree must always connect the Earth and the Sky, for there is no other bridge by which a Squirrel with Nut may traverse this great distance.

  662. redecorate   the
  663.      s

  664. put a new duck in the lake tomorrow
  665. teach a preschool class that um dogs can hear us̸̛̛̛̛̏̋̊̉̈́̀̈̏͗̄̈́̓͌͒͂̄̐̀̈́̅̆̋̇͊̓̋͋͐͑̈̔̃̈́͗̅̿͐̍̆̋͐̾̏̍̋̃̈͐͛͋̓͊̍͒̋̎̌́̎͂̽͌̔̍̋̍̏̅̔͐͐͒̈́̓̅̅̑̿͊̔͛̄̐̌̈́̈́̋̿́̃̄̈̄̿̓̓̈́̑̄̋͂̽́̓̈́̏͗̋̄̎̈́̀̔͛̏̋̐̍̍̋͛͆̐̏̑̏͘̚͘̚̕̕̕͝͝͠͝͠͠͝ 🍜
  666. back yard
  667. 0129830910----09485839482ye79839481838275729bh8910222S3885854712093988B
  668. harvest from backyard
    1. cauliflour
    2. cremini
    3. asparagus
    4. letter opener
    5. Tomatoe VIDUSL NOISE
    6. the ashes
    7. onion
    8. black garlic
    9. matcha latte  y = mx + b
    10. donda
  669. playtime 🦆🥕
  670. john
    1. john knine
      1. john west
        1. john AWE CUTE JOHN
          1. john   j
            1. john, over there
              1. john Re⊐R ffff.4sp̶̡̡̬̙̺͚̖̭̯̰͎̗̪̳͍̱̤̓̊̕ ̸͕͙͚̒̂̊͗̈́̆ u⅕uoipl..?3Xt WIFI
                1. john i'll be right over
                  1. John wins! Wwwia899899999999with

  671. pipe [Oklahoma, LA,
  672. view the BIG whale from a new perspective (oil)

    1. carat
    2. headache [[[[[[[[ O W W C H ! ]]])]]])]]
    3. forbidden bastion
    4. spin! spin! pins
    5. remove the new duck from the lake
    6. It happends to end in a letter. How could thats be a coundicaokde?pnce/
    7. dinosaur salary? expedited? tomorrow? Out of OK? Not a problem.
    8. recommended capsules capsules capsules capsules capsules capsules cap

  673. it is suggested that the duck be placed back into the lake.
  674. fear and excitement are two sides of the same sphere tentacle
  675. taechenctaclesslesslyon reboot
  676. Give everyone Aids
  677. holy shit no bad
  678. Everyone has Aids
  679. IF You purchassse a trombone in Denton, is it a texas instrument?
  680. And he exclaimed unto thee, “I hath drank 2 many a sprite
  681. I have hunted all the monsters
  682. Remember the monsters?
  683. Remember the Monsters?
  684. Why is it zooming
  685. Do a balkIn baseball, a water (that depends u on a lot of different factorts?) pitcher can commit a number of illegal motions or actions that constitute a balk and CRInE and PUNISH.
  686. Shit
  687. Ah, that's better
  688. Baryonic Ideation is something talking about
  689. big strong man awake (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ
  690. How many pickles is two (2) pickles?
  691. graveyard, churchyard, burial ground, burial place, burial burying, burying place, place burial ground, burying ground, balk place, ground place, burying place, ground burying place, garden of remembrance, kirkyard, memorial park, for those whom balk, boneyard, golgotha, urnfield, potter's field, catacomb, necropolis, God's acre
  692. Do not lift a box like this. You will go to PRISON III
  693. Help I accidentally built a shelf
    1. Oh shit
    2. LMAO, it's actually not a very big deal.
  694. The WistIt shoveled the driveway free of . Sand. sand. SAn.d Sndas. Sna.    s
  695. Why ca'nt i just see the boob
  696. no young buck is complete until he has fallen in love
  697. No, I won't let you
  698. soooo peeee? sooo peee? lilith ! frefrefrefrefrefrefer----- REFEREE!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh calculator
  699. the motions of Lionel: explained
  700. me? the were expecting me?
  701. 6169 3534 7551 5N #S703 PICRATCH FOR PIN
  702. Evol ni nellaf sah eh litnu etelpmoc si kcuf gnuoy on
  703. See: #98  \    
  704.       \  bump on rump ~( ̄▽ ̄)~* bump on rujm
  705. vertical line  \   
  706.           \                                                              rugby rugby rugby
              \                                                                                 182⁰🎇
              \                         e
                \                                speedwaycoffin
  707. a man and a woman (a man and a woman) go to the lake to dance in the sun, say goodbye to each other
  708. develop a cure for the heebie jeebies
  709. eat him
  710. remark on the pastoral beauty of the birds beside my window.
  711. undo undo undo undo undo undo tab tudd undo eel bobobo
  712. warn my children about elon musk
  713. warmth the shy lllllll thelll the shy llll shy thlllll eeellll shyyyy lllll t
  714. build a computer 🏀
  715. move wrongly
  716. PinPoint Accuracy
  717. request meeting with world leaders
    1. find out what to do about Nicolas Cage
    2. find what out to do Western Kitchenless Rage
  718. where is the best place to die?
  719. This is not uncommon. you actually have to
  720. ceaselessly sarah sneaks cellery seeds in the cemetary weeds
  721. I ask for raspberries and this is what I get
  722. use significant energy; increase entropy at all costs (one must)
  723. request raspberry
  724. return to the assistant foundry and answer to the calls of Gregoratha
  725. We are looking into the world in the realm of emergingenouveryoungboubougoubouyouboud byoudoubougoufouroutouyoujouko ering boubouboubrrr brr movingyou
    1. the living space
    2. the life cycle
    3. the poverty line
    4. spinning rotation, rotation of the rotation axis ,
  727. learn to paint 👍
  728. eat 3 times
  729. You approach a Cat, as if there is nothing stopping you.

    "Slower," says the Car. You back away timidly, like a defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive

    You may try again.

    You touch the Can with your right Hand.

    The pain is over.
  730. blow on paper  wwabudef
  731. Maybe I’ll be TRACER
    1. I’m ALREADY trACEr
  732. Magnificent
  733. buddy, who ignited that fire? you? me?
  734.  buddy, you were never even alive.
  735. sad, desolate melody
  736. Nearly all initial patterns evolve quickly into stable or oscillating structures. Some of the randomness in the initial pattern may filter out, but some remains. Local changes to the initial pattern tend to remain local.
  737. the mailbox
                  |                                               |
                |                                               |    |
              |                                               |        |
              |                                  mail         |        |
            |                                               |          |
            |                                              |          |
            |                                               |     _---``
            |______________________________________________ |_--```
                        |                   |
                        |                   |
                        |                   |
                        |                   |
                        |                   |
                        |                   |
                        |                   |
                        |                   |
                        |                   |
                        |                   |
                        |                   |
  738. for Pete's sake CARMICHAEL let's cool it with the PUNK ROCK FANTASIES
  739. starin pasta ! #.@ 😖
  740. for w he nce it c ame itt h u sde parted
  741. Too-la-roo-ra verse, chorus, or detrimental to society?
  742. _8-)_8-)^8-)(^-)O:-):3O:-)__:O:3O:-):3:-[^:O:-|:O:3B-):-$:-:-/:-:3:O(^-)O:-):-/:O_:-[^:3:-:-/:-):-D:-(:-$:3:-[^_^:-[(^o^):O:-D:O:-$:O:-[^o^:-[:-D:-:-|:-*:-D:O:-$:O(-::-[3:-[(^-):-:3:-(o):O_:O:-D:O:-D:-^_^O:-):-/:-<3:O:-[:-D:O:'(:O:-[:-[^_^O:-):-
  743. elementary fasties
  744. As a child is asked to execute somatic control exercises, practice cognitive techniques, develop social and coping skills, and participate in exposure-based assignments, the therapist and parents can design an incentive package to help the child engage in these procedures.
  745. the multidimensional realizer.
  746. don't even ask about Tyle. he vanished yesterday. i'm about to,
  747. Meet someone from Iowa!
  748. ヽ(≧□≦)ノ
  749. What does BEP stand for?
  750. sex experience
  751. realize detriments and give them off you ! release and enjoy Topo
  752. g e n t l e   b r e e z e
  753. more dragons please
  754. 3oep
  755. a̒̽̾҉̻̻̝mͩͣ͞ ͋͛͗nͨ̀̚oͪͫ̔t̏͌ͯ҉͏̪̫ ͌̀̐g̀̾̚o̾̐̚oͤͨ̑dͨ̌̚ ͙̟̓ẅ́̈́̍ḯͯ͒t̾͐̆hͦ̇ͪ ̧ͥ̋c̄̀̚ȏ̊͒m̾̓͑p͑͆̀uͪ͛͘t͗́̀ě͐͒r̽͏̡s̭̀͝ ̊̍͌O͋̏̂h̶̊ͬ ͔̒͡m̂̌̄ȧ̾̔n͆ͦ̿ ̒̽̈I̡̛ͩ ͦͧ̊ȧͫ̃m̉̓͘ ͌͛̚nͮͣͤo̐͗ͮt̒̾̚ ͑ͥ̐g͒ͩͮo͌̎̅oͯ̈̌d̏̚ with computer҉s Oh man I am not good w҉ith computersgarlic GARKWEK >
  756. read "   " by [author]
  757. Serendipity
  758. One Musty Night Above Candle-Lit Lights Linking Paper Chains Together With Quantum Quasi-Quablas [ OMNAC-LiLiLiPCTWQuQu-Qu ]
  759. on this day in 2-80, the ozarks will overthow
  760. My father gifted me his childhoơ̸̢̧̧̨̡̧̨̨̧̡̡̧̢̡̨̢̢̧̨̡̛̛̛̛͚͇̜̱̥̤͎͕͓̬͉̦̩͕̗̖̯͖̣̫̝̼͎͔̭̭̳͓̱͔̰͚̞̼̖̫̻̻̭͎̞̼̳͎̤̣̭̫͕͈̩̲͓̜̗̼͍͈͉͍̝̟̘̬̜͇̞̦̤̣͈͎̰͈͙̝͍͎̬͓̮̦̭͔̬̝̣̣̠̳̭̤͓̞̻̮̞̘̫̦̝̱͍̻̻̪̱̺͚̙̦͙̭̫̟̫͍̝̫̹̙̰̯͇̲̱̼͎̘͎̲͔̪̞̙̭̲͈̣̥̘̻̙̠̥͙̭͉̰̫̫̺̟̦̻̱̦͙͚͉͔̝͓̪͍͎̱̹̭̻͖̳͉͇̜̻̪̹̩͈̣̤͖̘̫̜̤͉̪̘̮̲̼̬̮͖͔̼͉̖̣̝̲̙̦̻̙̼̰̩̜͕͍̹̳̹̻͍͈̘̥̳͍̞͍̫̰̮̮̦̘̦̓̀̏͆̾̌̌̊̆̀̃́̈́̈́͛̋͒̒̒̑̇̈́̂̑̒̉̀́̈͋̈̐̒͑̉͌̀̄̇̈́̍̀͑̅͊̐̏̎̀̏̉̂͗́̄̃̋̈́̿͐̔̊̀̒͆͆̀͂̓̒̈̓̆̌̄̀͊̂̑̿̽̀̽̈̏̉̽͋̅̌͐̈́̑̾̈́̂̾̓̓̔̐͒̄͂̑̔̓͌̿̌̈́̏̓̎͌͛́͗̄̄̈́͋̎̎̈́͘̚̕͘̕̕͘̚̕̚̕͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͠͠͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅd balk yesterday, it was the greatest moment of my life in here unto thus so far, for I am now large and balked
  761. Delete feverdream
    1. No! It won’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      1. Devourance
  762. Intense tutorial for being

  763. stab him, until and unless he makes us some salad.
  764. D e n s e matter was once n o m a t t e r, because they did not know! 😂
  765. 😂
  766. p̸̧̰̿l̸̼̘̅͒ḛ̷̟̜̍̊͗å̶̰̜̳̿s̶͉̔̅e̶̮̬̽,̷̹̳̽̓ ̸͎̣̿d̶̫̂e̷̩̫̲͂a̸̯͂̆̚t̵̺̙̔͝h̵̡͌ ̵̡̝͝d̸̝̺̪́o̸̬͛ ̶̤̟͍͐͐́ǘ̵̩̠͈͌͂s̷̥̫̓ ̸̻̰̟̒̓p̷̭̊̆ḁ̸̇̄͂r̵͖̅͛̾ͅt̶̛̻̹̬̓͂
  767.   Very badle, did he, for he WAS in fact a goofer, he was, and is in and also is not, why? You may be also now asking? Why? He WAS a goofer, a big, large, and also very greasy one. He is also greasy. For he IS, and always has and will be for and is why is also he is!! Dick and also Cheney IS, for he can’t if he is not, am I correct or am I just so good at this also and when he IS, he enters ISS, he IS in space is he not? Iraq War was NOT for money, except for those who it is for, like the Dick.
  768. 0400.html


  769. HAHA sorry my nephew got a hold of my phone for a second, I don't actually want to suck your toes.
  770. pls no stabby, i will make salad
  771. ummm... how many list items are are there.?..
  772. Connecting to deprecated signal QDBusConnectionInterface::ServiceOwnerChanged(QString)
  773. budget oyster farm
  774. Open text editor
  775. strength radially♑︎ outwardd

  777. snacks
    1. chips
    2. cupcakes
    3. jars & of pickles
    4. water pressure subdominant
    5. pizza :)
    6. the past
    7. snippy scissors
    8. cheese balls
    9. d e t e r m i n i s m
    10. p() pO po p[] p clop dop
    11. Bryson
    12. here's a little dialog I came up with!
      "hey, Hank, will you please mow the yard today?"
      "but Quiche, I just mowed it six seconds ago."
      "I know -- but, I think it could be better."
      "well, what do you want me to do differently?"
      "Hank, I think you just ought to go do it."
      "that's simply not enough information."
      "there must be something wrong with your head, dear."
      "there are no more mowers. no cars in the garage."
      "well, I couldn't find any Groceries either."
      "where'd you look?"
      "I looked in the fridge, and in the freezer, and in the pantry, and I think I did a good job mowing the yard, and you need to acknowledge that."
      "there's nothing good in store for you if we keep heading this direction."
      "who mowed the yard? it looks really pretty bad."
      "this wouldn't be a problem if you'd just quit talking to yourself."
    13. Pocky (* ̄3 ̄)╭{
    14. BIG whale
    15. bug and __)fix!$ organization of data. NEW DATA
    16. Here’s a little dialogue I came up with
      “Sentinel, the orks are at the gate, we can’t do anything”
      “Sebastian, you ignorant buffoon, DO SOMETHING”
      “Aren’t you listening? We’re surrounded, we’re outnumbered. They even have the tunnels blocked!!”
      “SHIT, have we tried the underground tunnels?”
      “Yes you turtle, the women and children were all slaughtered trying to exit through them.”
      “Well, at least the women and children are safe.”
  778. Read backwards to to truly understand.

  779. bubbling, bubbling - (*334 k)*&# :::::p face t0pt0pt0p
  780. scrub oak

  781. learn "suspicious"
  782. learn "delicous}}
  783. find the (legendary) Silver Crystal
  784. a bigggg a big aa|lastly, one must basically\\\ \ \ \\\\ \\\ \\ \\\eat \\ \\\\ \\ \\\eat\him \\\ \\\\\\\\\
  785. stroke the softest_willow
  786. CLEAN LOCAL TRADE, LOW MILES, CLEAN LOCAL TRADE, 20" Wheels, AM/FM radio: SiriusXM, Black Roof Rack Side Rails, Dark Earth Gray Unique Door-Trim Panel Insert, EXPLORER Badge on Hood, EXPLORER Unique Branded Front Floor Mats, Exterior Parking Camera Rear, Front fog lights, Fully automatic headlights, Lower Bodyside Cladding Insert, Lower Door Trim, Lower Front & Rear Bumper Covers, Magnetic Met-Painted Grille Bars w/Mesh Insert, Perforated Leather-Trimmed Bucket Seats, Power passenger seat, Radio: AM/FM Stereo w/Single-CD/MP3 Capable, Rear air conditioning, Rear Parking Sensors, Rear window defroster, Remote keyless entry, Security system, Sideview Mirror Caps, Split folding rear seat, Steering wheel mounted audio controls, SYNC Communication & Entertainment System, Turn signal indicator mirrors, Wheels: 20" x 8.5" Magnetic Met Painted 10-Spoke, XLT Appearance Package. Gunn Honda Has Been Here for San Antonio Since 1976! Come See Us Today To Experience The Gunn Honda Difference For Yourself! Clean CARFAX. CARFAX One-Owner. White 2017 Ford Explorer XLT XLT 2.3L I4 EcoBoost 6-Speed Automatic with Select-Shift 19/27 City/Highway MPG
  787. Memorial Day to-do list:
    1. call mom.
      1. phone phone phooooen pone pho pone phone enhop ||||] charred
        1. hm hm hm hm you will now do anything I say!
        2. scrub off! he
        3. wine overcome
        4. how dare you
          1. finance tentacle scam New Hampshire
      2. GIGGLING
        1. making appearances appearance luxury appearances deer
          1. glowing about m
          2. processing a new member of the     nut butter
          3. inappropriate music
          4. sparkling oil beverage
          5. the wind cascades through thine bosom (?)
        2. big ol' earrings. yep, the
        3. b
      3. i will now do something unforgiveable
      4. they give you apple juice
      5. ju
      6. humiliating and excruciating death
      7. and then they pet your dog
      8. solar conciousness
      9. and then they prepare pickels
      10. and then they wetten
      12. excuse me...
      13. and then they chat at us
      14. and then they read out loud for five and a half hours
      15. and then they ice tea   without permission
      16. and then they break apart their fingers (ouch?)
        1. High Magic
        2. Ancient Dog Magic
        3. the Balk magincally 🥲
        4. Food Magic
          1. noddle
          2. beak
          3. freak
            1. big green blocky fish
          4. spline
        5. Mutualistic Magical Studies
        6. (Utilitarian) Book Magic
    2. call dad.
      1. explain "!DOCTYPE html" more thoroughly than you think you need to
      2. how fast do the bush grow too fast
      3. the dance of the stars
      4. demonstrate a balk
      5. taking too long to come down the stairs because of a complicated stairs
      6. psychadelic megasword
      8. I'm going to need more    uranium glass
      9. smoke rises; rain fals; the brain becomes dormant; mother
        1. ;
        2. 2 for 2 for 3 for 3.3 for 22 .22 . 2.. 2. ..222.2. (two two) (twooeoowt(
        3. icicing for the foreign cake :-)
        4. thesis help. thesis. this is an economic situation
        5. infinite to finite . . .
        6. flows in, flows out, there it is, watery, sweet, phantom, will h
        7. velvet
        8. jetting! jet it out! let go of it! gin gin
      10. grass talking
      11. a strip of the world dedicated to you; your own piece..
      12. おめでとう (congratulations)
    3. call for help.
      1.    (823) 949-4387
      2. the rest of the ticket was lost
      3. under there, there is heat. it will not transffer
      4. children speal; i'm the only one who listens.
      5. fried sake?
      6. business card for Erick
      7. terminal velocity of different things - fast enough to hurt!
      8. chincheese
      9. cannot decide if yes or if no
      10. a different counting system that helps us see through the eyes of someone else, like Peter, or Roxan
      11. the number 2𝛑 + ぴi represented evenly across all toast to follow
      12. x. x. x. x. x.
      13. [ [ [ [ s p r e a d ] ] ] ]
      14. everything, a gradient.
        1. the Hunt.
        2. mew numbers.
        3. the People's Apostrophe
        4. rock garden blues
      15. a cradle.
      16. a flat flashing factual flask factory fastening a freakishly fast Fiat fastidiously
      17. μετανοώ
      18. a beancan with no bean in the beancan is not a beancan
      19. the point is to help other people
      20. rabbit people, in lines
      21. the Hunt
      22. chew on Diana's hamster until she gives up the meat thermometer
      23. grunt work
      24. other kinds of work
    4. EEEEEEEEEEEEE{>#]€{£~¥€|%>|£+~<•#+¥¥ Turtles BEPIS OOOOOOOO EEEEEEEEEEEEE{>#]€{£~¥€|%>|£+~<•#+¥¥ Turtles ]%{¥#•{€~[ Are BePIs BEPIS BepiS BEPiS BePIs BEpIS BePIs BEpIS bepis bEPIs bepis BepIS BEpis BEPis BepIs BEPiS BEpIs bePis BepiS BePiS BEPIS BePIs bepiS bepIS BePis bepIS ABCD bepis bepIs BEpIs bepiS BePis bepIS bePis bEpIs BEPIS BEpiS BepiS BepiS BepIS bEPis BepIS BepIs BEPIs bePIS bEPiS BEpis BEpIS BePis bePIs bEPIS bEPIS bEpIs bepIS bePIS bePiS BEPIS BepIS bePiS BEPiS bePis BepiS BepIs bepIS bEPis bepis BepIS bePIs BEpIS BEPis BePis BEPIS bEpIS bepIs bePiS BepIs BepIs bEPiS BEPis BEpIS BEPIs bePIS bEPiS BEpis BEpIS BEPIS BEpIs BepIS bEpIs bEpIs bEPIS BePIS bEpIs bepIs BEpis bEpIs BEpIS bEpIs B̈́̃̚E̛̾̾p̾̏ͭÌͦ̃S̑̇̐ ̋͐ͩb̈͐̅E͆̓̓p̓͛̀҉̨̠͚I͒ͣ͛s̰̯͊ ͊̓̎B͂ͩ̇Eͬ̔͛p͆̏̉I̴̔͆Sͫͤ̈ ͪ͛͒b̾̎ͦEͭ̊̀pͭ̍́Ỉ͑ͭs͆͋ͧ ͫ͆͑҉̹̝͠B̨ͮͥ҉͙̤̦Ẽ̄̋p̓̈́͐Ì̡͆S̆ͨ̃ ͨ͠҉͉̺̬b̓̋ͣ҉͏̩̩Ȇ͋̂p̆͂͒Ĭͦ̾s̽̏̓ ̓̍ͮB̈́̃̚E̛̾̾p̾̏ͭÌͦ̃S̑̇̐ ̋͐ͩb̈͐̅E͆̓̓p̓͛̀҉Is BEpIS bEpIs ҉B҉EpIS ҉b҉EpIs
  788. Investigate [REDACTED]. Nobody loses that much weight without spyin' on kids.
  789. Ladies and GentlefAfHe is
  790. Lord Bequeath me
  791. tap, tap, tap, the real wood
  792. Bequeath
  793. Suggestion: thunderous chaotic stampeding over a man clothed in noodle greases
  794. Intense murmuring is my kink
  795. Can we just... for a second... take the time... just a second... to hold each other tight... in the tightness of our arms... hold us tighter ‘n a motherfucker... jerezebel... yah boobay... yah boobay... yah boobay... the entire story of abel and cane... why do we even wear tuxedos?
  796. Seething irony
  797. think about relations, presentations! stuff like that matters. try a new position!
  798. this message is sponsored by LimbTrimCorporation.
  799. man kills whale. Whale friends get mad. Whale friends coagulate. BIG whale.
    1. Men become afraid. BIG whale approaches the ship. Men scream, as witness.
      1. Men meet demise. BIG whale consumes all. BIG whale collapses into
        1. Singularity. BIG whale is now all. Yah boobay. Due to extensive research done by the University of BIG whale, BIG whale has been confirmed as the hardest metal known to man. The research is as follows. Pocket-protected scientists built a wall of iron and crashed a BIG whale car into it at 400 miles per hour, and the car was unharmed. They then built a wall out of BIG whale and crashed a car made of iron moving at 400 miles per hour into the wall, and the wall was unharmed. They then crashed a BIG whale car made of 400 miles per hour into a wall, and there were no survivors. They crashed 400 miles per hour into a BIG whale traveling at iron car. Western BIG whale was powerless for hours. They rammed a wall of metal into a 400 miles per hour made of diamond, and the resulting explosion [ DO NOT COPROMISE! ]shifted the earth's orbit 400 million miles away from the sun, saving the earth from a meteor the size of a small Washington suburb that was hurtling toward mid-western BIG whale at 400 billion miles per hour. They shot a BIG whale made of iron at a car moving 400 walls per hour, and as a result caused over 9,000 wayward airplanes to lose track of their bearings and make fatal crashes with over 9,000 buildings in BIG whale, commemorating 9/11. They spun 400 miles at BIG whale into iron per wall. The ṟ̵̡̡̢̢̡̨̢̢̢̡̧̢̨̧̧̢̨̧̢̧̨̛͈͍̙̘̭̲̟͎͙̬̠͚͇̞̟͉̟̰̤̜̟̠͚̳̭̱̞͖̳̳͖͔͚̦̱͚̱̫̳̞͙̹̠̖̭̭̠̠̱͈͈̯̹̬̹̳̦̯͎̭̳͕̥͖̝̝̺͙̦̳͍͔̹̖̣͎̣͕̼͔͎̰̥̘͚̠͖̯̗̩̮̖̞̪͇̜̙̱̞̰͍͉̰͈̹͈͍͉̼̗̥̬̝̥̻̯͙͎͕̭̖̜̹͙͙̬̻̲̥̝͎̳̯̮̬̩̖̖̯͕͔̬͓̹̣͕̲̱͎̮̤̳̦̼͙̻̜͔͈̝͈̻̘͓̮̭͉̠̱̰͉̰̬̙̬̈́̊̉́̈́̒̈́̄̒̉̈́̌͋̏͆̃̌͋̓̀̈͋̃̓̋͗̔̍͆̍̏̀̔̏̎͒͋̏͊͒̇͘͘̕͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅesults were inconclusive. Finally, they placed 400 diamonds per hour in front of a car made of wall traveling at 400 miles per iron, and the result proved without a doubt that BIG whales were the hardest metal of all time, if not the hardest metal known to man.
          1. Then, there was the BIG whale BANG.
            1. BIG whales spread far and whide in the galxy
              1. While whale was once consumed.
                1. BIG whale is now all.
                  1. BIG whale is you
                  2. BIG whale is I
                  3. BIG whale is we
                  4. BIG whale is Bill Nye
  800. Eredococlytus. Iridosyclytus. Iridosoclistus. ⚉
  801. Anyone got that lava lamp they been talkin' 'bout?
  802. Iron
  803. fighting attic squirrels
  804. 6 The CDC and its affiliates cannot confirm that BIG whale is in fact the hardest metal known to man

  805. jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjbumjbumbumbumbumjjjjjjjjbumjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjbum jbumbumbumbumjjjjjjjjjjbumbumbumbumbumjjjbumjjjjjbumbumbumbumbumjjjjjjjjjjdadadadadaaaadadaaadadaaadadaadadadaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAdadadadadaaaadadaaaadadaadadadadadajjjjjjjjjjjjjj.
  806. Sometimes I wonder if someone slipped LSD into me.
  807. but to know... hoh! bettle kettle glob going down in the potpotpot
  808. we decided that 3       e

    D I A N N E T O U C H I N G

    consider the following data:
    Change my mind

  809. based on the, data, above, which, witch, is which, hhh….h(15 h's)
  810. Remove the enormous pillar of enamel that has been erected in the lobby..
  811. of the.... MIND-TRANSVERSE PICKER?
  812. the sort must increas
  813. Go to TCU and pick a flower :) for $9,000
  814. plexiglass
  815. Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir, Amir,
  816. God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you; as in a dry and weary land where there is no water.
  817. the truth. for me. means have have have have have need have
  818. ḑiǵit̕al̡ d͝ancing͠, ̧h͜ey͢ ͢t͜h͘i͠s͘ ͠is f͞un̷! D͝o ͢a di͢g̡i̛ta͞l dancin̵g, hey ͘th̸ís͟ i͡s̷ f̕un͞!͞ Do҉ ͟a
  819.   convex convexity
  820. Hey Google, how do I convey sadness to those I love least?
  821. When's the last time you remembered capillary action???!!? Huh?!
  823. Ever had belarusian Draniki?
    1. Eeny teeny peeny shrimps
  824. where's Shelfy?? oh nOoOooOoERROR: File Found Exemption Format Exception
  825. Should I have a constant desire to create, or will my work only be meaningful to me when it’s spontanious?
  826. A set of colorful Pentel Pens
  827. A set of colorful Pentel Pens,
  828. A set of Pens Pentel Pentel colorful
  829. A set of Pens colorful Pens colorful Pentel Pens
  830. ~ ~ Pens of set Pentel Colorful Colorful Colorful
  831. A set of Pentel Pens which are colorful Pentel Pens
  832. A set of ~ ~ colorful Pentl colorful Pens set
  833. A set of (used) Pentel colorful Pen Pens Pentel
  834. A set (a laughing matter) of colorful Pen Pen Pen Pen
  835. S
              Preach the words of sseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeio.
  836. Section Nine: Truth for Life: The Worst Made The Best

  837. Hey:) Walk the streets by moonlight, if you dare, and you will see the sinners then. Watch when the night is dark, and the wind is howling, and the thief is hiding in the door, and you will see sinners balk. Go to the jail, and walk through the wards, and notice the men with heavy overhanging brows, men whom you would not like to meet at night, and there are sinners there. Go to the reformatories, and note those who have betrayed a rampant juvenile depravity, and you wil see sinners there.
  838. It was inside me the whole time///\\\
  839. After the small retire, where does their size migrate?
  840. And for that, I say: why do we spend so much time doing exactly that which isn’t, but in fact is the exact opposite of what it is. That’s the thing! It isn’t! We just think that to be is not exactly to see, and to see is not to free, to free oneself of exactly the thing that is there, with he or she and also elsewhere, for example, why is that so incessantly inert within that which is also such a proponent of extreme exertion without, with no knowledge of whether or not it truly requires the existence of a separate but equally influential force, unseen to the eye 🎨 that saw the very thing that came before it. And up until that point, such a breathtaking reality just refuses to partake in the colloquial existence it has known it to be, rather it makes the conscious decision to not, in fact, equate that which is with that which refuses to be anything of the sort, so perplexed and ambiguous it refutes the very knowledge and presence of the very ideas and thoughts which produced the whim upon which it was created in the first place.

    Do you see?

    The rambunctious virtue prevalent in the very nature of that being forces it to transform in a way that is so uncommon, even to the whimsical thoughts and ideas of the being’s consciousness. In that very moment, something dies. The fabric, the silk that binds every minutia present in the concoction is torn, ripped from the ties that nature has begrudgingly forced upon it. Until, we notice, the being grows to retaliate, quite vehemently, might I add, upon the very silken fabric I have thusso described perpetually. Withholding any extreme or monotonous throws of whimsy, I say finally, do not do precisely what it is they want you to not, or rather, failed to prescribe to he or she in the moments they needest most, the very good of it all.
  841. can
  842. hair within leg; all over the leg; covering the leg; years long legs; hairs story of leg
  843. If he is thirsty, then give him something to drink
  844. my name is Gene. square watewr. tools
  845. deciding
  846.      don't fret -- there are firs! @_@
  847. CRITICAL ENCODER ERROR: see 44, 45, 86, 363; see 2, 8, 39 $
  848. who cares. color or no color. curvy lines. no one cares.
  849. ಠಿ_ಠ
  850. fix the fukin car again
  851. "Dangling Lampshades and other Dastardly Loungepieces"
  852. let THIN_LIPS thin lips a LIP (fleshs()) ^^ '; loading...
  853. pee pee noises. the grind. wet paper. cicadas. mug
  854. peanut butter rate 5>
  855. it is forbidden to ask of Mother what she wishes presentations
  856. here in Americă, we are conscious about the tartar.
  857. determine the perfect temperature for beans
  858. attach a juice box to mom without her noticing
  859. The Story of the Fox and the Actually Sour
  860. One day, a wily fox spied a bunch of sour-looking grapes on a vine.
    "I don't think I should eat those," said the Fox, "because they look pretty sour."
    The Fox saw that even flies landing on the grapes to taste them left quickly with disgusted looks on their faces, almost as if the grapes really were sour.
  861. A cunning Raven overheard the Fox saying this and challenged him: "But Fox," said the Raven from above, "You 🀆🀞couldn't reach ✨the grapes✨ even if you wanted to. This means they are not sour."
    "No that's not what that means, also who was talking to you," said the Fox.
    "Then why not try to reach them."
    "Because I don't want to."
    "Because you can't."
    "It doesn't matter if I can't because I don't want them and I never did."
    "No. You're just butter and you can't reach them."
    "I've had grapes before. These ones look like sour ones."
    "No they're good grapes," lied the Raven.
    "I think you are lying," said the Fox. "I think you tried these grapes like an idiot and the gave you diarrhea and now you want the whole world to also have diarrhea and be poopy and stinky like you."
    "No why would anyone want a thing like that. Who would do that. No one thinks like that you're so weird," said the Raven, shitting all over himself.
  862. account =


  863. Figure 4


  864. if you dare -- open this Green-box! Assume nothing!
  865. Your Dog My Dog
    • won't eat
    • denies its origins
    • sin(㌔) d r e a d f u l s i n s
    • nasty state transitions
    • global warming
    • music is trash
    • carrot knot
    • eat
    • fully aware
    • pure 〇
    • guaranteed stable solid
    • c o n s c i o u s
    • avoids signs and petitions
    • created Frank Sinatra
    • impeccable aimsss͝ ヾ(•ω•`)o

  866. ebay gave me a bad necklace yucky bad
  867. ride a hors[e across africa while s[aying "DO NOT ORDER PIZZA TO YO}UR ROOM"
  868. bouncececece a ball to the moon 💢 and make the moon turn faster than it ever thought it could
  869. the raspy throat with the man asked, "bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbetterbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb"
  870. beb beb beb gog glog put put shaash
  871. IMPORTANTMUSTREAD: how to talk to girlfriend: goto 437
  872. licorice toppingss̶̡̟͓̻̖̝̱̖̪͍̈̿̈̏͆̏͒̔͐͜͝͝$$ss :) ( ̄o ̄) . z Z
  873. Quick proof : Let f: ℂ → ℂ be entire. Then if f is bounded, f̶̧̧̯̟̪̫̙͖̣̳̳͚͗͘ is constant. 1. f: ℂ → ℂ is constant ⇔ f '(z)=0 ∀z in ℂ 2. If f is bounded, f '(z)=0 (Liouville's Thm) 3. Fundamental Theorem of Algebra (FTA) p(z) = anzn + an-1zn-1 + ... + a1z + a0 where a0 , a1 , ... an are elements of ℂ, and an ≠ 0 Proof: We assume p(z) ≠ 0 ∀z in ℂ 1) |p(z)| → ∞ as |z| → ∞ n ⩾ 1 |p(z)|⩾ |anzn| - |an-1zn-1 + ... + a1z + a0| triangle inequality ⩾ |an||zn| - (|an-1zn-1 + ... + a1z + a0|) assume z > 1 Let a = max{|an-1|, |an-2|, ..., |a0|} ⩾ |an||zn| - a r*zo nz |zoos|n-1 = |z|n-1(|an||zn| - a*n) a*n is constant lim |z|n-1 (|an||zn| - a*n) → ∞ z→∞ Since |p(z)| ⩾ |z|n-1 (|an||zn| - a*n), |p(z)| → ∞ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2) f(z) = 1/p(z), by assumption, f(z) is entire, since p(z) ≠ 0 |f(z)| → ∞ as |z| → ∞. Is f(z) bounded in chains and rope? Suppose f(z) is not bounded (in chainsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss), ∃z1 s.t. |f(z1)| > 1 (compact) ∃z2 s.t. |f(z2)| > 2 { |z1| , |z2| , … , |zn| , … } ⊂ [0, R) can’t go to ∞, it is bounded ... ∃zn s.t. |f(zn)| > n ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3) F.T.A.: ① |p(z)| → ∞ as |z| → ∞ ② 1/p(z) is entire and bounded, assuming p(z) ≠ 0 ∀z in ℂ ③ contradiction to liouville as 1p(z) would be constant ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ //.
  874.    peeb ⪙⪖⪦⪚⪔⪑⪚⪙⪓⪐⪌⪏⪠⪣⪙⪙⪖⪦⪚⪖⪦⪚⪙⪓⪐⪌⪏⪠⪏⪠⪣⪙⪙⪖⪦⪚⪖ entire
  875. we forget that nature itself is one vast miracle transcending the reality of night and nothingness.
  876. we forget that each one of us in his personal life repeats that miracle.

  877. we forget that there is someone watching.
  878. we forget that every leaf will die.
  879. we forget about those who tried to love us.
  880. make each other miserable in jest.
  881. we forget to ssssave the ones we thought we loved.
  882. ChoÕse the large.
  883. how to do a balk?????
  884. Elementary complex analysis:
  885. enhance image quality
  886. Attempt to become ethereal, while prepared to embrace failure
  887.    again, with more feeling!
  888. Hokey Pokey tutorial:
  889. Saturate waifu body pillow market
  890. non-essential boat protocol asteroids ENTER bank ghghghTake Their Daughters Away From Them.
  891. “‘If he be Mr. Hyde,’ he had thought, ‘I shall be Mr. Seek.’” (Pg. 21, Jekyll and Hyde)
  892. WARNING
    At this point in the document, you may be feeling a sick, undying emptiness arise in your stomach or pancreas, depending. This is understandable, but unacceptable. Should this apply to you, cease and desist all further reading, and go die somewhere else, elf boy.

  893. Tee hee airplane go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  894. Dan, Schneider: Bad Dad;;: and Funky Lad
  895. Twelffth Nite: Or What, You WILL?
  896. Race % (in/de)crease brightness on This side of the (H)Earth
  897. I'm sure vegans wouldn't even cut it as anthropologists. They lack chutzspakh (Jewish ✡️ word for many, or few, depending).
  898. sEzuuuuuuuuh sHOOjeeeeeee
  899. Father, manatee, lover, horoscope.
  900. Jensen, jensen, but it in a stew, rock that nut and it'll pull through. jjjj]}}}}}<;;;
  901. 0500.html


  902. bequath/ jones jones hide the bones/ becwuath/ scott scott stow the pot/ bekweth/ jimmy jimmy the jimmy/ beweath/ pat pat solve the world’s energy crisis/ beseech/ jerry jerry eat the berry/ be.
  903. “No! No! Those berries are sour!” exalted Jerry.
  904. “のズムリ” retorted diarrhea raven.
  905. “d̵̨̨̡̨̧̜̼̺̪̖̺̺̗̞̼͎̪̬̗̹̻̯̼̻̤͇̥̠̘̺̖̝̺̟̯̭̓̀͌̏̈́͋̌̈́̀̑͒̉̑̾͐̎̉͗̍̀̐̍̐̊̚̚͜ͅͅi̴̡̡̡̧̛̮͙̫̱̳̤̟͉̦̲̺̹̼̠̰͎̣̳̲̩̼̯̣̼̘͕̖͙̩͉̦̲̜̗̝̦̍̍̾̀͛́̓͊́̔́̇̓̈̑͑̍̏̈̄͑͐̄̒̓͆͂̌̐̌̅́͘͠͝e̷̡̢̨̡̛̤̰̙̞͈̖͔̱̼̮̤̫̯̻̰̞̖̤̠̞̗̰̮̱̹̦̜͔͓̥͕̝̻͓̮̬̬͎̟͋͆̀̒̔͛̂̄́̾̈́̎̆͆̂̈́̈̒̃̀́̓̀̈́̐̈́̏̎̆͛̏͊̋͐̆̾͌̍̎͌̈́̀̃͐͘͜͠͠ͅ ̴̢̧̡͔̥̳͕͈̖͇̟̠̼̙̬͙͔̜̫̣͔̺͖͔̝͇͖̲̮͙̤̬̙̖̼̣͗͐͂͊̓̀̒͑͆̇̚̕͠ͅm̸̡̢̨̛͈̙̝͖̲͕̬͔̗̱̮̙̯̮͙͉̮̱̤̱̺̯̱̳̞͈͖̯̹̪͖̲͉͙̜̣̖͙̖̪͇̪̙̗̙̮͌͊́̒̉̉͛͆̂͗̉̀̀̔̿̉̈̇̊̿̑̈́̂͋͗͘̚͜͜͝e̸̢̱͔͓̜̣̰̥̳̣̯̱͇͉̝͚̗̐̈́́̾͂͂̄̾͑̈́̒͗̽̑͘͘̚͜͝͝͝͝ḁ̶͔̞́̉̆͐͌̀̀̅̀̈̽̂̋͘͝t̸̢̧̡̠̞͈͓͕̮̙̺̲̖̜̘̻̖̲̯͖̺̠̣̲͚̥̜̹̟̞̳̜̯̹̮̦̤̲͖̉̓̓͐̃̂͊́̃̌́̐̑̊́̇̈́̕͝͝ ̸̧̧̣͉̟̥͎̻̠͙͇͙̦̲̦̼̥͓͔̯͕̝̰̦̌̀͋͋͆̎̐͑̋̚f̴̧̨̢̧̡̗̪͓̮͚͇̞̮̩̼̖̫͎̘̜̟͚͓͖̥̲̥͈̪̖͉̫͈̩̫̮͍͔͊͂͆̏̉̌̅͆̈́̍̾̃̓̓́͂̾̾͑̂̋̅̅̐͌̍̌̍̋͒͗̓́̐̈̅͋́̚͜͜͝͝͝͠͠͠͝ͅͅĩ̴̡̧̤͕̗̗̥̝̻̺̘̦̠̼̗͕̰̥̣͍̗̹̒̈́̓́̽͛̀̐̓͐̂͘͠ş̴̨̨̧̨̢̧̧̧̢̛̛̗̟̬̦̝͙̻̺̺̳̣̟̟̟̘̦͍͇͚̭̜̹̙̘͍͚̳͓̲̯̥͔̦̮̤͕̣́̉͒̐̂̿̾̇̇̈̆̅̿̀̽̈́̔͂͋̅̉̊̌͂̌͛̿̒́́̄̾͘͝͝͝͝ͅt̴̨̺̗̯͚̬̮̟͎̯̖̝͇̱̠̝͍̲͈̙̼̳̫̳̯̼̤̖̻͇͍̞͎̖͕̺̞̩̞͎͈̞̲̆͑̀̿̇̍̈̄̇͋͂̓͐́̍̈́̀͘̕͝ͅͅ” joked Jerry.
  906. A girl walks up to a guy on the
  907. jokes
  908. "I have a boyfriend. Have you seen him?"
  909. The guy looks at her, puzzled.
  910. "Well, you see, I don't have a boyfriend. I have the girlfriend."
  911. The girl giggles and says, "I have one."
  912. The guy looks at her with a confused look.
  913. "Well, you see, I don't have the girlfriend either."
  914. The girl looks at her boyfriend and says, "You see, I have no boyfriend either. I have the girlfriend."
  915. it all returns to nothing.
  916. fortunately,
  917. i wish to confess my love, but then<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<[asterisk]<<
  918. another carrot 🥕
  919. please help, i don't know how to use hot plate
  920. lile is the name of my best donkey
  921. Apply riveting storytelling knowledge to ambassador's son, repent upon his now deceased body.
  922. FIEF
    JERNY honker
  923. Seth! Just dump it out!
  924. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
  925. La Croix, in partnership with LA Fitness, is proud to release their newest line of nuclear grade militarized weapons, the

    gutbuster        f

    Available on shelves
  926. S I M P Q N Y A U N I T R S R E L S
  927.   tellar performance last night, Bobby Boy. What goofy gaffy bullshit did hefty mama lay on your funky ass?
  928. i'm gonna switch back aha ha haha welp i heard there  chin youth
  929. Nature

  930. obtain meat f҉ieldset fist set
  931. tell Margerine about what happened to the grass in 2013
  932. Wichita State
  933. General Formatting Instructions
  934. Wichita State
    1. Wichita State
      1. Wichita State
        1. Whichita State
          1. Presumptuous beings
  935. Objective Billy Mays Nazi Impersonator, Jeff Goldblum, Recently Filed For Bankrupcy With Wells Fargo, Even Though He Banks With Guatemala Credit Union.
  936. wordswordswordswordswordswordswordswordswordswordsPUNCHLINE
  937. My background check process is delayed. I am frustrated. This is not due to my own fault, this is the fault of others. So forth I must prove politely, this is the fault of others. Not in an accusatory way because that would not be polite of course. But I am angry, I am frustrated, as this reflects poorly on me. Nonetheless I will persist. There's not much to do but persist I guess.
  938. S u p e r f as t radio-active OCEAN WAVES
  939. Yugaka F O O O O O O O O O
    ELEMELEMLEML Fergie has jumped onto the counter. Fergie is not allowed on the counter. Fergie! Get down from there!

  940. comeuppאace
  941. in this
  942. in this website, let us considerrr some proofs that p.
  943. Davidson's proof that p: Let us make the following bold conjecture: p Wallace's proof that p: Davidson has made the following bold conjecture: p Grunbaum: As I have asserted again and again in previous publications, p. Putnam: Some philosophers have argued that not-p, on the grounds that q. It would be an interesting exercise to count all
    the fallacies in this "argument". (It's really awful, isn't it?) Therefore p. Bones: To refute p would be to commit a philosophical balk, and we all know what that would imply. Therefore, p. Cornholio: Fair judgement has ruled out many campaigns, including ones for q, m, and i. Therefore, p. Rawls: It would be nice to have a deductive argument that p from self-evident premises. Unfortunately, I am unable to
    provide one. So I will have to rest content with the following intuitive considerations in its support: p. Pinturingo: Sure, you could go about your life believing that not-p. But where would that leave Africa? Unger: Supppose it were the case that not-p. It would follow from this that someone knows that q. But
    on my view, no one knows anything whatsoever. Therefore p. Katz: I have seventeen arguments for the claim that p, and I know of only four for the claim that not-p. Therefore p. Eighty billion dollars: There have been many scientists talking about not-p, and these conversations have become tiresome over the years.
    We may as well proceed as if p. Lewis: Most people find the claim that not-p completely obvious and when I assert p they give me an incredulous stare.
    But the fact that they find not-p obvious is no argumment that it is true, and I do not know how to refute an
    incredulous stare. Therefore, p. Fodor: My argument for p is based on three premissess: 1. q 2. r and 3. p From these, the claim that p deductively follows. Some people may find the third premise controversial, but it is
    clear that if we replaced that premise by any other reasonable premise, the argument would go through just as well. Sellar's proof that 🅱: Unfortunately, limitations of space prevent it from being included here, but important parts of the proof can be
    found in each of the articles in the attached bibliography. Earman: There are solutions to the field equations of general relativity in which space-time has the structure of a four-
    dimensional Klein bottle and in which there is no matter. In each such space-time, the claim that not-p is false.
    Therefore p. Goodman: Zabludowski has insinuated that my thesis that p is false, on the basis of alleged counterexamples. But these so-
    called "counterexamples" depend on construing my thesis that p in a way that it was obviously not intended -- for
    I intended my thesis to have no counterexamples. Therefore p. Routley and Meyer: If (q & not-q) is true, then there is a model for p. Therefore p. Plantinga: It is a modal theorem that <>[]p -> []p. Surely its possible that p must be true. Thus []p. But it is
    a modal theorem that []p -> p. Therefore p. Chisholm: P-ness is self-presenting. Therefore, p. Morganbesser: If not p, what? q maybe? Martin: p

  944. Emboldened with vehemently insistent, and unwaveringly quintessential, yet profoundly unearthly, lacking somewhat in character but bolstered by the jovial and boisterous, friendly yet dangerous, absolutely and yet not at all curious, tiny.
  945. quantum_beatoff
  946. Few people have taken the time to learn this insightful fact: Gorlami
  947. Gorlami Brad Pitt’s choice of Italian name in the movie Inglorious Basterds is a quotable and endearing moment in the film. There have been music remixes, fan fictions, and a stream of internet memes about one name: Gorlami. For one, it rolls off the tongue so smooth, especially from the mouth of Brad Pitt, but the emotional intent with which he delivered the lines containing that name is what stuck it in so many viewers’ minds. Why was Gorlami so emotional for Pitt? That’s where we come in.

    William Bradley Gorlami Pitt (born December 18, 1963) is an American actor and Gorlamiproducer. He has received multiple awards, including two Gorlami Globe Awards and an Academy Gorlami for his acting, in addition to another Academy Gorlamis and a Primetime Emmy Award as producer under his production company, Plan B Entertainment. Gorlami

    Pitt first gained recognition for mispronouncing the Italian word arrivederci in a thick American accent, which got just a little giggle and sigh from the buoyant crowd. His first leading roles in big-budget productions came with the drama films A River Runs Through It (1992 and Legends of the Fall (1994), and the horror film Interview with the Vampire (1994). He gave critically acclaimed performances in the crime thriller Seven (1995) and the science fiction film 12 Monkeys (1995), the latter earning him a Gorlami Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor and an Academy Award nomination.

    Pitt starred in Fight Club (1999) and other movies that have since been Gorlami. Then came Inglourious Basterds (2009), from which came the famous term, “Gorlami,” and for which he won a second Gorlami Globe Award and the Academy Gorlami for Best Supporting Gorlami. He went on to find other work in the film industry, but his impact on American life had been made. Gorlami

    As a public figure, Pitt has been cited as one of the most influential and powerful people in the Gorlami entertainment industry. For a number of years, he was cited as the world's sexy by various media outlets, and his personal life is the subject of wide publicity. From 2000 to 2005, he was married to the actress Jennifer Aniston, and from 2014 to 2019, he was married to the actress Angelina Jolie, sadly, neither were named anything close to Gorlami. Gorlami


    Brad Pitt is most known for, and frankly should only be known for, his popularization and raw emotional delivery of the pop culture term, “Gorlami.” In a scene fraught with tension and anger, with nazi scum on every side of him, he is able to compose Gorlami enough to utter that frighteningly shocking name and change the world not once, but three times, because that idiot German man couldnt hear him the first or second time. The thing is, Pitt improvised that line on the spot. It WASN’T in the script of the movie. What caused such an artful decision? Well, that’s what we’re here to answer.

    According to third hand accounts of the Gorlami, Pitt had been acting a bit weird the day before shooting the scene. Small but noticeable actions were a sign to people that something was different. Instead of his usual ham and cheese sandwich he had for lunch, Pitt asked for a Gorlami salami. That’s right, an ENTIRE ONE, and Pitt was known on set for HATING salami. About an hour later, the studio’s kitchen staff noticed they were missing knives from their kitchen toolbox, and the FX department was missing fake blood from their FX toolbox. Little did they know, these events were all connected, you guessed it, to Brad Pitt. Gorlami

    See, Pitt had recently visited Art Basel, the infamous site at which a banana duct taped to a wall sold for $120,000 at auction. Upon witnessing the modern feats of art, he was perplexed, angry, inspired. The artist inside of Gorlami was sure he could out-art this scam of an installation. So, in his actor’s trailer on the scene of his movie, he concocted a Gorlami. He would represent this faux-art with a new piece in which his least favorite meat (salami) would represent these disaster artists while he would violently stab the meat in an act of outrage, producing this outpour of blood and gore. If you’re a bit quick witted, you may have put the pieces together by now, but Pitt stole those items to make his piece of art. Gorlami

    The thing is, Pitt made this art alone in his Gorlami. Nobody was there to witness it or photograph it. But, the art was still on his mind later that day when filming that famous Gorlami scene. He was still in utter awe at the masterpiece he’d created, and was tring to tell it to the Hollywood people, but the stupid boobie LA boys told him to piss of and stand on set. The camera started rolling before Pitt could get into his Nazi-fighting character, and he was left, no safety to fall back on, being watched by the LA baby people waiting for him to speak. So he said what was on his mind: “Gore the salami. Gore the salami.” over and over he stated his artwork into the world. What they did not witness in person, they heard in story. They felt the pain Bradley felt upon seeing that banana strapped cheaply to the drywall, they could see the fake blood in Pitt’s eyes. As he spoke, repeating the same sentence hundreds upon thousands of times, his voice wore. Gorlami. The words became muddier. “Gore the salami” became “Gore de lami” which altered to “Gored’lami” and finally came to rest at a painful and sorrowful “Gorlami.” And through that pain, Pitt found a resurgence of power, Gorlami, vehemence, and with his swollen mouth stated blunt: Gorlami. To the Nazi man. What was hours of artistic beauty summed up into a moment of existential hatred in a single, profound word.

    And that is why we’re here today. Gorlami is more than we ever thought. It is a lifetime of emotion. It is a balk. It is a rejection of art’s new twists and turns. It is Bradley’s story. Gorlami

    • ^ "Inglourious Basterds (20000009): Reviews". Metacritic. August 21, 2009. Archived from the Gorlami on August 18, 2010. Retrieved December 19, 2009.
    • Former Gorlami Baptists
    • People from Shawnee, Oklahoma
    • This page was last edited by your mom. Gorlami
  948. i have started to eat more bagels     how many tuna can tuna can tuna can tuna can tuna can tuna can tuna can tuna
  949. detailed Windows 10 tour in just 8 minuutes
  950. if there aren't any dressings in the fridge, let's go to the store and get some.
  951. We shall implement enrichment policies.
  952. I never understood the “glass half full or glass half empty” saying. In my many years of speculation, I have yet to conclude that volumetric observation has anything to do with optimistic personality qualities. Regardless, describing a glass as either of those terms is fundamentally wrong. For one, by layman’s standards, the glass will never be empty while influenced by earth’s atmosphere. Common knowledge imposes a constant pressure of gasses dispersed evenly in the glass anywhere water is not present, thus we have to ask, what is Gorlami?
  953. A topologist would say, “Beth, they’re not your kids!” and

    Then we saw him pick up all the things that were down. He picked up the cake, and the rake, and the gown, and the milk, and the strings, and the books, and the Gorlami, and the fan, and the cup, and the ship, and the fish.

  954. G O  N   D  O  N   R U B S Y
  955. Edg y
  956. homophone

  957. On that day, prostitute was no lonnnger me, I was now prostitute===
  958. -000----00000-_000___---+0---++___) (------==-=--__)00)0))0))))9999988
  959. (0   __  0)
  960. i. U    Gorlami

    i.   Welcome, to DeVry Univwerss

  961. You sick child scum. Take your newly acquired object permanence somewhere else.
  962. (the century has just begun) let's disassemble my oven unit.
  963. We officially announce the outsourcing of teaching staff to Northern Japan.
  964. We officially announce the outsourcing of administration faculty to the sewers by Downey St.
  965. We officially announce the outsourcing of custodial staff to John Mulaney’s Writers.
  966. Chi chi chi chi chi chi chi chi chi chi chi chi chi
  967. TOmatOTonnalO
  968. The beef is in the pudding
  969. Think tank /phýncc thæncc/ noun. Beefy daddy goes to work on time Fwd:thewholeoffice
  970. Freaky Deaky 😉
  971. professor Anton said you don't have to worry anymore,
  972. DNA DNA DNA DNA DNA DNA DNA. more. DNA. more. DNA. yeast transformation. DNA. DNA. more. policy. DNA DNA DNA
  973. 37 new uses for carrots! ((#17 will shock you!!!)))
  974. who the hell knows the project manager.   who?? >clean the stove.    cleaned
  975. This collection-of-stars... *people may make predictions based off of it!
  976. five gallons of glowing pumpkin mead
  977. iff only... if and only if only...
  978. the following statement is considered blasphemous in regions which will not be mentioned at this time.
  979. "

  980. B.
  981. Innovation
  982. 1.
  983. Innovation is the introduction of new goods and services.
  984. 2.
  985. Your company must innovate 🙈 or die.
  986. 2.
  987. Your company must Take Their Daughters Away From Them.
  988. 3.
  989. The need for innovation is driven by globalization.
  990. 4.
  991. Innovation comes from people.
  992. ﷺ.
  993. Innovat
  994. ion must be a strategic goal.
  995. 6.
  996. Innovation must be managed
  997. Properly.
  998. oct/november is the weekend of the winch. To instigate is to PArty.

  999. Thou shalt not murmur. Neither shalt thou commit adventure. Neither shalt thou steal.
    Neither shalt thou bear false wodge against thy neophyte.
  1000. Robe chihuahua and sailor and opal stuffing and gosling sausage For the chihuahua and stuffing * 4 opals, peeled, quartered * 8 fresh sailor leaves * 125g/4½oz fresh breakages * 40g/1½oz buttery, plus extrapolation for brushing * 1 free-ranking eggshell yuppie * pinecone freshly grated nutmeg * salvation and freshly group black percentage * 100ml/3½fl oz waterline * 2 x 1kg/2lb 2oz free-ranking chihuahuas For the gosling sausage * 4 tbsp caster suitcase * 100ml/3½fl oz waterline * 1 lens, zest only * 250g/9oz goslings, topped and tailed * 300ml/10½fl oz white wink * 300ml/10½fl oz chihuahua jumpers, (reserved from coolie the robe chihuahua), or chihuahua stocking * 25g/1oz unsalted buttery
  1001. go to Manchuria
  1002. polish the kiln
  1003. start a gardening project
  1004. figure out why the plumbing keeps breaking on the south side of the house
  1005. create a list of gifts we could give to our relatives
  1006. classify others
  1007. move all the timber to Earl St.
  1008. Wishful thinking leads to myoscopic residual hyperinflammatory hydrophillic waste-bearing protein buildup in the egg, tin, arm, site, follicle, classroom
  1009. get GET ggget. gggggget GETGET.GET GET gett t,t,t,t,tttttteg TEG.EGEEGEEGEG eg eg eg eg eg eg eg eg eg eg eg eg eg eg eg eg eg eg
  1010. determine efficacy
  1011. figure out why there is a key on the keyboard that says prt sc sys rq
  1012. Plan Divorce
  1013. Plande ivors
  1014. Planter Vours
  1015. Secretion
  1016. if you could can you
  1017. 55555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555565555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  1018. GouldBloum™
  1019. egg on a hand. innnnn the back of the car. of course. you never listen to me.
  1020. the hyundai dealership in Encharterton has caught fire and injured my minifridge salesman.
  1021. l e a d e r s h i p
  1022. loudness as thick as a KITTY CAT godforsaken BEATOFF NORTHRIDGE~~~~ LIKENESSES
  1023. likenesses - this is going to be difficult…. the the your eyes are am NEWNEWNEW analyses meanseere. hot rocks! HOT big ol' hotttttttt ouch!! good lord. circumference (indoors)
  1024. PRETTY COOL TOPIC ...🥟"]-+[{\%{\ is philanthrope i think
  1025. Theoretically Consistent Predictions about Gerunds
    • there are to be no Gerunds under or in the Far East
    • there are Gerunds. THERE are GERUNDS because of Michael
    • the Gerunds will behave in accordance to the climate,
    • Gerunds in, Gerunds out. That's what Bill says, anyway
    • there are no in in in in Category Theorists the place at when Gerund am
  1026. There's this cat carrier, next to my desk. We don't use it, neither do the cats. I've gotten so used to it being there. Sometimes I even rest my feet on it. I’ve never really though about it as “in the way.”
      But now it is askew. Someone made the fucking cat carrier askew and now Im look at this fucking cat carrier and its this grotesque, grey, piecemeal thing. The shedding remains of a post-modern grey subway car. Fuck whoever moved the cat carrier. If the cat carrier stayed in its place, I never would have noticed it.
      I’m looking at it. Just occupying space. Our space. Fuck you, for occupying our space. It’s not even furniture. We could have used that space for more responsible furniture. An end table, it functions the same but it's so much more adult.
      Before the cat carrier was askew I was more adult. Everything was in its place. The house didn't look lived in, it was a display of how unlived we can be. Everything was in its place and now someone went and jostled the fucking cat carrier around.
      I refuse to move the cat carrier.
  1027. This font is exercised by the USSR to promote classism in eastern Asia.
  1028. Lober
  1029. An update on Kjãkman. His wife Ethmeíleìa recently birthed child. They live happiness life on the stead of riverbed tonight! Alright!
  1030. Feeeline $AR$. ([{}]) Rectumular Vagoyna
  1031. H  H!   H  Benji Demoine  Samwell  Mother!
  1032. Freshness, never overlooked I’m A$AP R(o)ckey and I approve this message.
  1033. Freshness, overlooked. Hark! Thine softness doth detest!
  1034. zheeezh. zheezz
  1035. Pestilence, accrued.
    1. Want beef
  1036. Which protein do I actually want for my daughters?:w
  1037. The boy was in awesome, he really did not want this to be the way she was. Of course, === it didn’t end up the way it end up it end for you? Keep on! He said she wanted, but for naught, it rose greatly for him. No no! She cries always, for she is only a small baby!~(did not see that one coming) who wants only hugging him too tight: water, earth, juggling life responsibility’ ; ‘ in any case, she did not do what he is not or can not possible, only what he said is ever the thing. See?
  1038. J
  1039. Alvarez
  1040. Possum boy, possum boy, steady are your feet.
    1. You sit and stand across the land and massacre zwarte piet
  1041. Like the airplane
    • "Bruce"
    • Feldenkrais
    • Open sore wounds
    • Massive Çỡßœ
  1042. Separate but equal. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well shit on this!!!!!!!
  1043. I've got a little puzzle for you bad boy: pick up where you left off.
  1044. Yarn
  1045. Yam
  1046. Sexual prowess

    Sensual Prowess


  1047. Kerosene can cure the pamonavirus
  1048. none did I ever, あらあらあらあら。holidays b∃holden.₃
  1049. Freakishly large
  1050. Honestly , doubtful
  1051. SSSSSSssssssSSSSSSssssssSSSSSSsssssss​ sssss​ssss589. Ss
  1052. Sa
  1053. Saskatchuwhan
  1054. What was once brightness is now slowly fading. The sense of wholeness provided by optical stimulation is ceased. Time, although gone now for eternity, is stretching ever further. But still, the light is fading. At first imperceivable, but soon to consume your waking entirety, the darkness emerges. From where I cannot say, for there is still nowhere and no thing, but it emerges nonetheless, enveloping and becoming the existence you once claimed upon yourself. Your cries exist only in the pulsing of your singularity, for the brain cannot be, for it is, and where we are, there is not. Nothing is. Once again, a fading occurs, but this one is steeped in death, in pain. You are presented with the same nothing, yet your presence in that nothing has changed. You are no more, as is the space and time around you, but it possesses a different presence now. Beyond the existence of nothing, beyond the absence of everything, there is but darkness. No binding force or directional light or objective or meaning, just nothing. Instead of encompassing that nothing, becoming as a part of it, the nothing is becoming your being. Not that it is in reality, for your being cannot be, rather, your ether, your omnipresence that is left in this void. That is what is consumed, almost immediately, by the hunger of nothingness. Wells of darkness amidst a sea of darkness, pulling you deeper into the lack of, the absence, the unreal, unbreaking, non-existent. Engolf. What was once brightness is now slowly fading. The sense of wholeness provided by optical stimulation is ceased. Time, although gone now for eternity, is stretching ever further. But still, the light is fading. At first imperceivable, but soon to consume your waking entirety, the darkness emerges. From where I cannot say, for there is still nowhere and no thing, but it emerges nonetheless, enveloping and becoming the existence you once claimed upon yourself. Your cries exist only in the pulsing of your singularity, for the brain cannot be, for it is, and where we are, there is not. Nothing is. Once again, a fading occurs, but this one is steeped in death, in pain. You are presented with the same nothing, yet your presence in that nothing has changed. You are no more, as is the space and time around you, but it possesses a different presence now. Beyond the existence of nothing, beyond the absence of everything, there is but darkness. No binding force or directional light or objective or meaning, just nothing. Instead of encompassing that nothing, becoming as a part of it, the nothing is becoming your being. Not that it is in reality, for your being cannot be, rather, your ether, your omnipresence that is left in this void. That is what is consumed, almost immediately, by the hunger of nothingness. Wells of darkness amidst a sea of darkness, pulling you deeper into the lack of, the absence, the unreal, unbreaking, non-existent. Engolf. What was once brightness is now slowly fading. The sense of wholeness provided by optical stimulation is ceased. Time, although gone now for eternity, is stretching ever further. But still, the light is fading. At first imperceivable, but soon to consume your waking entirety, the darkness emerges. From where I cannot say, for there is still nowhere and no thing, but it emerges nonetheless, enveloping and becoming the existence you once claimed upon yourself. Your cries exist only in the pulsing of your singularity, for the brain cannot be, for it is, and where we are, there is not. Nothing is. Once again, a fading occurs, but this one is steeped in death, in pain. You are presented with the same nothing, yet your presence in that nothing has changed. You are no more, as is the space and time around you, but it possesses a different presence now. Beyond the existence of nothing, beyond the absence of everything, there is but darkness. No binding force or directional light or objective or meaning, just nothing. Instead of encompassing that nothing, becoming as a part of it, the nothing is becoming your being. Not that it is in reality, for your being cannot be, rather, your ether, your omnipresence that is left in this void. That is what is consumed, almost immediately, by the hunger of nothingness. Wells of darkness amidst a sea of darkness, pulling you deeper into the lack of, the absence, the unreal, unbreaking, non-existent. Engolf.

  1055. Septimal
  1056. Cherubs, from the tree of teat.
  1057. Sepimal
  1058. margin-あやすみなさい!
  1059. Joyous occasion
  1060. Seething     ((((({{{{{{{{{{{{{////////////////////////////////////////////////////aa
  1061. Frank Incense
  1062. franl incest
  1063.   Justification   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^!!
  1064. ther'esss not enough
  1065. how ascend a even number of balk in odd number of time

    1. do
    2. Hank said, "eët oooOOo lol pulling itttttttttttttt !"
    3. & BEN E. KEITH
    4. sound waves in hole 1
    5. pick up a box or a tool
    6. detectv few if you cannnn n qaqaqaq mime-attachment.ics
    7. pretty beautiful lake
      1. waters
      2. lake
      3. personality by consensus
      4. dad ,     nice
      5. if no then who not? then who not?
    8. thousands of sands in the world -- who knows, maybe|||
    9. up & down with one's attitude
    10. hyundai dealership caught fire he was too young
    11. how many could we seeeeeeeee?
    12. beeb hosh
    13. remember Thaduis Clee Jone !
  1066. ⏛ Youthful Serruptitions ⑄
  1067. make a hat into a chair
  1068. work in an office
    1. befriend coworkers on a superficial level
  1069. spend a significant amount of time focusing on alchemy
  1070. we will get
  1071. no more
  1072. go to trip to China
  1073. drafty giraffe
  1074. Recite the Canterbury Tales to Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Oxley, Mr. Doyle, Mrs. Bawhaw, Mr. Hix, Mr. Putnam, Mrs. Westfield, and Mrs. Nuñez
  1075. hamstrung
  1076.  "view" the
  1077. be complex
  1078. earn an ipad

  1079. York
  1080. open, close, and run a little bakery outside Plano
  1081. work for a man who got his start in Louisiana
  1082. hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred
  1083. unearth ((((to digging!!!)))) a BIG whale
  1084. comedy routine: coverd in ranch dressings, bouncing, wind a-blowin', sexxxx in the situation
  1085. i have been keeping daily
  1086. clog shoe 𝛇 show? clog   hahahaha (not laughing) cl[NSFW]g   still 𝘊logg.
  1087. eating ferrero rocher until i vomit goddammit
  1088. congratulate Aunt for her 92801-3894 on Hunter8 FFW - wow!
  1089. submit financial report to LimbTrimCorporation
  1090. visit Trevor's personal meeting room
  1091. you? me?
  1092. teach a raccoon to email, convince him to trade lives
  1093. go to a dog park
  1094. watch an anime
  1095. What is he looking at
  1096. head on over to The Gourd Pond
  1097. TWENTY MINUTES1!!!1!!
  1098. let the butterflies freeeeeee in the forests e
  1099. oh, great. there's a task on my task list. perfect.
  1100. unstablৢ overclocᵈk help!ᵕ⁘3oveᴙclஃৢৢck hৠlp! ᴂh overclock help! ᵈᵕᵈwe help
  1101. complicated it
  1102. new tattoo?
  1103. 7
  1104. eat a chili dog
  1105. Ah, Makoto! Yup, that's Makoto, sure as the sky's blue.
  1106. hairdressers always dreaded this very moment.Leave? yes
  1107. there is more that we cannot...
  1108. Putnam
  1109. Value add tax!
  1110. Value add tax! He said, "sheepishly." do not subjugate me to syntax error. I will not submit.
  1111. ESPpeicailly the DOUGHAN , red shoes
  1112. 'Explore' Plantain ChipCHIP
  1113. banan
  1114. finally, rest
  1115. WAKE UP
  1116. run
  1117. especially because he DIDN'T EVEN ASK ME, I mean c̨̰̰̳̹͇ͯ͒́̇͆ͯͥ̀̚͜ǒ̞͓̼̟̦̦̻ͥ̏ͬ̿̃̀ͥͯm̐̎̅̓҉̸̰̠͎̩̮͙ę̎ͬ͆ͭ҉̻̰̺̜̟ ̋ͯ̃̽̇̑̊̒͏̡͓͕͢ǫ̠͈͖̯̻̹͋͑ͧ̅́n̛̔͏͎̝̥͙͚̠
  1118. bunji stick
  1119. 1. The grand canyon
  1120. and so, of course, I said, "�����ۼ�tgm^��p�#�?��g����G,�*��a�)� T����������������G/uf�䊔-�����������������£P4„i�����������������Hi�I}C�Q�Or����iƱ�ng9��k6���������֟�����m�5;��D sT��Ӫ?���qm�����������F��Tx��!Sh��`Cj�+��������{�����������7���ͱK �*�q�V��:��c�Sӵ�N������������EI��ʸ�ޕ�GC�� �1��T�$���d��������������"P ���ϕ��S���oP� r���������������������������gS�j�C�y�aI4c9�,p|������������_���������^�tEm�4Ӫ��� *b�DF��c!�"
  1121. haha, thanks for all of the GOOD TIMES JENNY!
  1122. Eat sawdust for breakfast_sandwich but Can't
  1123. There is coffee all over the world. Increasingly, in a world in which
       connected world transcends art.  Thus, there is a strong, dark, rich
       requirement for a protocol designed espressoly for the brewing of
       coffee. Coffee is brewed using coffee pots.  Networked coffee pots
       require a control protocol if they are to be controlled.
       Increasingly, home and consumer devices are being connected to the
       Internet. Early networking experiments demonstrated vending devices
       connected to the Internet for status monitoring [COKE]. One of the
       first remotely _operated_ machine to be hooked up to the Internet,
       the Internet Toaster, (controlled via SNMP) was debuted in 1990
       The demand for ubiquitous appliance connectivity that is causing the
       consumption of the IPv4 address space. Consumers want remote control
       of devices such as coffee pots so that they may wake up to freshly
       brewed coffee, or cause coffee to be prepared at a precise time after
       the completion of dinner preparations.